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I like how the "Announcements" area uses the mascot image so it looks like the lady in the coat is telling the dude with the cigar what's going on.

The hardest part of my day is explaining capitalism to my cat when he wants to know why I have to stop patting his head and leave the house.

Can't believe I just read a news article about how the Melbourne City Council is mad that someone has vandalised the city's graffiti.

Been at my current job 9 years as of today. Feels weird.

Using SSH to log in to a Windows server will never feel right.

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Cannot even begin to describe how much this has improved my productivity when using Powershell:

Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key ctrl+d -Function ViExit

This Sunday evening sadpost brought to you by who knows what the fuck, I'm probably just procrastinating because I don't want to go to sleep, because then the next thing that happens is going to work and staring at my wall.

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I honestly love running community sites like Chinwag, I would be so damn lonely without it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets driven insane the uncontrollable barrage of garbage you're subjected to if you try using Twitter or FB, so it's awesome we have alternatives.

But I look at the accounts list and see people I know IRL who've signed up and never come back and it's so depressing. I feel like I'm fucking up and not doing a good enough job somehow.

Fuck off, brain. You're not helping.

⛔️ ACTION REQUIRED: Instance Shutdown ⛔️ will shut down permanently on February 29th, 2020.

Users are encouraged to move to a new instance of their choice.

Detailed announcement and Account Migration Instructions: +

You know what made me the angriest about today; I warned this delivery rider against riding through an inundated stretch of road, but he said yes, but I have to take the track the rider app says, or it counts against him. They aren’t allowed to go against the optimised route between delivery points

So he rode his scooter through rising water, guaranteed to have sewage in it, because of the unthinking workplace discipline and punishment code of fucking app developers


Made a pizza from dough I froze three days ago and happy to report it survived the process really well. This is going to make pizza a bit more of a frequent option if I can prep a bunch of dough at once and use it over a week or so. :awesome:

#Mastodon 3.1 is out! 🎉

Among other things, bookmarks, admin announcements with emoji reactions, improvements to mod tools and loads of other fixes!

🎉 We're happy to announce that, almost exactly four years after Liberapay's launch, we've deployed an important new feature: automatic payments! Read our anniversary blog post to learn more:

Asking anyone in Melbourne or in the know about such things. I'm looking to buy a piece of jewelry for someone. I'm not into diamond or gold. I'm thinking possibly antique stuff, silver, garnet, marcasite... Possibly small sapphire or emerald. I'm thinking like an Edwardian style necklace or possibly earrings. Does anyone know a good place to look? Doesn't need to be a specialist jeweler. I remember a woman in Canberra had a stall where I bought my sister some nice old silver stuff.

Me: walks in and out of laundry six times today before remembering that he needs to wash some clothes.

Also me: clearly remembers a bunch of great posts from a Something Awful thread 20 years ago.

I feel utterly exhausted, but only mentally. I got the essential fish tank maintenance done and now I kind of want to collapse but I also can't sit still because I'm not actually tired in any way.

How do they do those induced comas in hospital? Can I order a kit from Amazon or something and do one at home? It sounds like a great idea.

They should do a remake of all the original Star Trek episodes where the viewscreens have a 16:9 aspect ratio so I can actually believe it's set in the future.

are there any cool xmpp chat rooms i am missing out on?

my handle is:
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