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A periodic reminder that you should back up your own Masto account by downloading your archive

I'm not posting this for any particular reason other than that it's good to make backups and sometimes servers just go down

I'm now waking up every day with a small but frequently recurring cough. It was a familiar thing for a large part of my life that vanished about 10 years ago when I finally managed to quit smoking. I can't imagine how bad it must be for people much closer to the fires than I am.

A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

If most of your posts are posts from a twitter crossposter we'll probably unfollow you. Just strikes us as not really being here for fedi but just seeing it as an extension of Twitter.

I don't like leaving my cat at home alone when I go to work because I worry that if there's nobody here to tell him he's a good boy, he might forget.

Tonight is my improv team Free Refills' first show of our eight-week run at the Magnet Theater in NYC! Come on by! If you want! It starts at 9pm and does cost $7!

Today I did cheese and pineapple rolls again to really get them dialled in well, plus some ham and cheese pizza rolls with a bit of tomato paste on top as well.

I have way too much bread in the house now. I guess I'm set for work lunches this week though.

Today's self-challenge, make a batch of white rolls without once referring to a recipe. :awesome:

Friendly reminder to please not crosspost Retweets etc. from Twitter on Mastodon.

It's getting really hard to keep up with all the new genres kids are listening to these days. The albums are pretty cheap though.

It’s easy to forget that South Australia is a different country

I'm going through the pantry and throwing out really old stuff. This is the current high score courtesy of a can of bean sprouts.

Woohoo! I have water again!

*flushes toilet 20 times in celebration*

Found it! Only 11 days for this missing item. Nice.

Oh yay, I've got no water! Turned on a tap, nothing came out. Went outside and at the end of the street are a bunch of people in high-vis looking concerned at a hole in the ground. Wonder how long this is going to last ...

This is the 8th phone number I've received this message from in a week. Visited link in a VM it just tries to download an apk. Piss poor phishing attempt but it's irritating me nonetheless. Has anyone else had similar messages? I'm in Australia.

Korean culture question 

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