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I had intended to get myself a Switch Lite for Christmas, but the bundles of a regular Switch plus Mario Kart for pretty much the same price as a Switch Lite and Mario Kart ... well, I pushed the button.

I'm looking forward to finally playing Untitled Goose Game!

Shout out to my mum who suddenly said she'd get me a washing machine for Christmas, which made my budget a lot more manageable!

Protonmail, an end-to-end encrypted, privacy and security conscious email service, is extending its Black Friday premium offer through December 8.

I've been a very satisfied (and nonpremium) user for the past several years. 10:10 would recommend as an alternative to the non-encrypted, surveillance-capitalism alternatives.

If you can pay, you help support those who cannot.


My mate Andy who lives on a 800 sq.m house block has turned all his available yard space into a tiny farm. And now he’s produced a book:

Go check it out.

#farming #gardening #diy

Tried to send a message to someone that just said "Perfect" and I misspelled it three times.

Since I started growing I've been keenly looking for new things to do with it. That's how I stumbled onto "Blitva", apparently a common Croatian side dish.

I've never had the "real" thing, so I'm sure someone's Croatian grandmother would yell at me for doing something wrong, but I like the results I'm getting!

Man I wish I was dying, so I could see the new Star Wars movie without having to queue up for a crowded, noisy cinema.

Remember the name Richard Barnes. Let him forever be known as the man who sold out the internet.

After our discussion about no-knead bread yesterday, I got @sparkibee to make one, who's never made bread of any kind before.

I provided instructions, which are minimal of course, but didn't touch it at all. Nothing that wouldn't have come from a recipe book.

Here it is! It's my first loaf of grandbread! I'm a grandbaker! That's a thing, right?

Take action to save .org and prosecute those who sold out the internet

Finally came to terms with the loss of the nectarine crop this year, and reached the final stage of grieving: power tools.

What amazed me is how little living trunk was left supporting so much tree. It's not really a surprise that it fell down, it's a surprise it took so long.

My remaining neighbours are moving out today, so I'll have an empty house on both sides, at least for a bit. I expect the cats will have no trouble adapting to this territorial expansion opportunity.

I did ask them to make sure there were no cats in their truck before leaving, though.

set up your own dropbox in two easy steps 

The XSF will join the FOSDEM in 2020 once again!
This will be in Brussels, Belgium, on Sat 1st and Sun 2nd Feb.

There will be a Real Time Communications devroom, as well as our beloved Realtime Lounge.

Prior to the FOSDEM, we organise the XMPP Summit.
Thu 30th and Fri 31st Feb.

Please send us your thoughts: where do you want XMPP to go in the next years?

My quail house this far, had to stop last night when my fingers were numb and my sawzall battery was dead.

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