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Seems to be another influx of new people! If you have just signed up to mastodon in the last Day or two, was there a particular reason? did something happen?

Whee, scored a market research gig tomorrow for $80 in cold, hard cash. Gonna go down the club after and make it rain!

'The club' is what I call the bank, and 'make it rain' is how I refer to paying off my credit card.

Look, yeah, I do acknowledge that is important but I probably would give Netflix access to a camera and even the heart monitor on my watch if it meant they could just answer "Are you still there?" for themselves and stop interrupting me.

It bothers me that for the most part here, the only people using the #hobart tag are me, because I live here and a variety of sex workers announcing tasmanian tour dates.
Surely there are more locals in the mastodon universe? #tasmania

You can get it wining
You can get it pining
You can get it passing a pao
Matter of fact I've got it now

Trying to make Nickel Acetate by electrodissolving nickel into distilled vinegar.

I aspire to one day be as good a bass player as Sid Vicious.

Honestly I just wish the quiet Australians would shut the fuck up for a bit

Fuck you Steve Jobs for making a world where I have to correct my phone from capitalising Apple whenever I write about my fruit trees.

Absolute carnage in the last night as the storm knocked all but two buds off of the blood orange tree. 😒

I remembered to turn off my alarm before bed last night, anticipating the public holiday ahead of me.

At 7:30am one of the cats decided to go and close the bathroom door on himself and wake me up by crying because he can't cope with his actions having consequences.

Hellloooo a bunch of people I know would like to understand #activityPub better.

We have a varying amount of more-than-zero web-tech understanding.

Any recommendation for a good introduction presentation we can watch together?

Having thought about this for a while, I kind of have to admit that one of the reasons it was my favourite cafe was that it was always so quiet.

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I fucking love swearing. I also love Profanity.

Profanity is a nice little chat client that just drifts into the background with all the other terminals I have open during the day though, and so much less intrusive than alternatives. I usually keep one instance open in a screen session on a machine somewhere I can easily SSH to. It's very handy.

If you're going to send out a form letter enquiry to me that tries to be chatty and informal, probably make sure you don't have my company name in a completely different font. It spoils the illusion.

There is no was the fairy wren should be trailing the cockatoo and the bin chicken for bird of the year.

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Why do we even have coathangers when the backs of chairs exist?

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