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Having one of those "OMG I want to quit my job and learn to play piano as good as the pianist on this track!" moments.

"But Jason, the person you're listening has literal "decades" head start on you, you have no room to setup your keyboard, and we both know you'll just get frustrated and go play video games after 3 days"


Controversial opinion 

The amount of cowbell in "Don't Fear the Reaper" is excessive.

Speaking of hashtags: Mastodon's search function doesn't search any and all words in a post, it only searches for public hashtags. So if you want folks to be able to search and find your toots, make sure to use hashtags! #MastoArt and #CreativeToots are popular ones, as are #Art, #FanArt, #CommissionMe, etc.

Use the search bar to see how healthy a tag is to see if it's one that will reach the most people. :frida_y_animalitos:

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I feel like the dumbest person today, because I locked myself out of the house this morning. I have not done this for a very long time.


I dropped some apricot pieces I dehydrated aaaages ago into some vodka to see what I ended up with, and it's really delicious but it looks like I'm drinking from a jar of wee.

I just downloaded the "Takehome" data that Google has about me. Does anyone know of any tools to deal with the location data?

Completely forgot until seeing an old email that I once had a laptop that I named "Big Stick" and I think that's probably where my creativity peaked.

I'm about to get distracted from my experiments for a bit, because I found some buried treasure in storage at work.

Just need to go through some boxes and see if I've got a decent-sized IDE hard drive that still works.

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All these people are going to try to board the only train available to get to the busses. The train was already packed when it pulled up. 20 minutes until the next one.

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It's my birthday in a little over a week and I'm dreading it - not because of age or worries of mortality, but because it's the hardest day of the year for me to reconcile my desire to be around people and feel like I'm part of the world and liked, and my need for everything to fuck off and let me have some peace and quiet.

Yeah, I never make anything easy. Fuck.

Bruce Lee's daughter on resurrecting his lost TV epic: 'We righted the wrong'

Shannon Lee has finally made the martial arts saga her father dreamed up. She remembers ‘the inner energy’ of the kung fu superstar Hollywood – and Tarantino – made a mockery of

The legend that Shannon Lee grew up with goes like this. In 1971, when her father Bruce Lee was at the height of his Hollywood kung fu fame, he tried to develop a TV show called The Warrior. It followed a Chinese immigrant with martial arts skills who gets caught up in the Tong wars of the late 1800s, the violent clashes between rival factions in Chinatowns across America. Our hero finds himself journeying through the wild west.

Lee envisaged himself in the leading role, and pitched The Warrior to a US studio, which told him that America wasn’t ready for an Asian leading man. A year later, Warner Bros released Kung Fu, which followed a Shaolin monk with martial arts skills journeying through the wild west. The monk was played by a white actor: David Carradine.

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Let's try something:

Our goal for this week is to get the percentages to match the labels.

Okay y'all.

We need something like this for the open Social Web. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking of a few months back. something like this but for and by the commons

yes, it's built by Google.

I will avoid your cafe and never set foot in it again if you write "breaky" instead of "brekky" on your specials board even once.

It's weird seeing people make a big deal about being able to stream Tool, when they were one of the very first artists I remember you could listen to via streaming on RealAudio's jukebox site in 1996.

I bought shoes from a drug dealer once. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day.

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