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Sulphur Crested Cockatoo with cycad fruit.

While watching some grey kangaroos, I glanced up and saw this cockatoo having a lovely feed on a cycad fruit segment.

#bird #AustralianWildlife #CarnarvonGorge

Saw a headline that said "It’s Never Going to Be Perfect, So Just Get It Done" so I'm taking that as a sign that I should just publish the new Chinwag website tonight. I don't like how it looks but all the content is there.

My hours at work have been cut, I will have to start freelancing again or try to get more higher tier Patreon sponsors if I want to keep working on Pixelfed this much.

If you know anyone looking for a full stack laravel developer, let me know!

Patreon -

Open Collective -

The fact that FOSStodon is rewriting their CoC and seeking input primarily from patrons is really gross to me. They’re seeking input not from marginalized people, but from those that pay them to host their shit. In fact, I’ve seen that people have decided to increase their patrons of Kev after his post about “snowflakes”. Like I said, the original post shows what kind of discourse they tolerate.

Spent all morning worrying about how my vision has really deteriorated recently and how difficult it's become to read screens and then realised the brightness on my laptop was turned right down.


Don't fix or touch someone else's device for free, and be careful when you do so even when you get paid for it. The moment you do anything to that device, even if it's something simple like swapping a cable, you're going to get blamed for any future problems it may have and it becomes your responsibility to fix them or get called an asshole.

I wish I learned this sooner, to say the very least.

snail race 

do the people who regard tacos with reverence just never eat any other mexican cuisine? tacos are at the bottom of things i'd prefer to eat when i'm getting mexican. too brittle! gimme a burrito or a quesadilla any day

Favorite Eeveelution?

From a job request to automate a daily summary report that just came through, "the report output should be HTML which is the best for importing into a spreadsheet".

Kill me now.

snark; meta; 

Friendos and cool people.

We still have a barrage of negative reviews (known as review bombing), if you want to help us report their reviews as unhelpful, etc. feel free to head on over to #Tusky's play store page!

If you like what we do, and wanna support the work, you can donate over on #OpenCollective

Spent a bit of time on the couch setting up my backup laptop with 10 and everything was pretty smooth. Honestly expected more issues. Took a bit of tweaking to get Gnome how I like it, but it was all pretty straightforward.

Too much effort to update my main machines right now though, everything currently works fine and I can't see any reason to break it.

Hello, world!

This is the first toot from an official account for #Glimpse, a new fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Follow me for updates on this cool new project.

I'm rewatching Battlestar Galactica because I love disappointment.

The one and only time I'm engaging with this Gab shit 

i know too many men name Mike. if ur a guy named mike this is a callout post. change ur name and make my life easier or ur cancelled

Dear mastodon.

Please stop being negative on things you don't like. (google, fb etc). You dont add anything, and nagging is easy.

Be positive on the things you do like (Foss, beer, art music). You maybe do interest some ppl.

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