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The house next door is vacant, empty and dark, and yet still contains a device that sounds a very loud BEEP BEEP alarm every five seconds or so.

Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Try occupying your mind with fun mental puzzle games, such as, "If I died right now, how long would it be before anyone found me?"

Alternatively, try to find any way at all to not play this game.

Remember the old days when you didn't have to sign up to have your engagement manipulated by a corporation in order to have friends?

why would anyone not like the Cocteau Twins? what did they ever do to you?

Still not sure what this thing is but it's got a keyboard now.

Keyboard masto: if I wanted to build my own keyboard, what's a good starting point for that? Assume I know nothing about the process.

#keyboards #keyboardkits

So it looks like neither Firefox nor Chromium are accessible under GNOME (silence on the screen reader). What’s worse, it doesn’t appear that Overview mode is accessible (tested on Pop!_OS). You cannot use the search on it (e.g., type software – the s disabled speech).

Does anyone know where these issues are being discussed?

#GNOME #a11y

Is there a good list of infosec blogs that are less business-oriented and more maker/breaker/hacker focused?

Bonus points for appsec/hardware

Lock at this pretty cocky I just saw on Gardening Australia (Carnaby's black cockatoo):

fediverse meta +, not intended as a humble brag honest 

I think you may have failed to anticipate the actual reason why I might turn on the subtitles for your show.

I don't know what this is yet but I had a spare LCD screen and an old Leonardo on my desk so they're best friends now.

It looks like The 8-Bit Guy and his brother at The Geek Pub have recently started a forum at which is fantastic! They've previously done all their discussions on Facebook and it's been inaccessible without an account there. Could be a great resource! Sign up if you're into old tech.

Smart guillotine that uses voice technology to ask probing income questions, then lures the rich to put their head in the slot for a "funny facebook photo." Trademarked

A #finch that I spotted practically right outside my door a few weeks ago. I posted an animation made from several of these photos a while back. Here are the best of the still shots, cleaned up a bit.

#birds #photos #nature

I need to stop searching eBay for things that I won't be able to afford. This is the model I saw in a shop as a kid and wanted really bad. I touched one once.

Imagine this scenario: you're on a road trip with a few mates - one of whom is slightly annoying but kinda fun. You snapped at them this morning when you were tired.

You stopped for fuel a while back, and after cruising along for an hour or so you suddenly realise that the slightly annoying mate isn't in the car. You wonder what to say. For a second you consider saying nothing. You don't think anyone else has noticed.

Well, that road trip represents human culture and that friend is dubstep.

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