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One of the biggest things that bugs me about Discord's creeping monopoly on communication is the terminology they've got people to use. It's all "a Discord", "our Discord", "a Discord server" - like it's something you get to have, when it's them that gets to have you and your community as an asset to turn into money. Fuck that shit.

Yeah, I think I have Strong Opinions on this topic. :awesome:

> He told me that the false GPS signal is “pissing off” the carmakers because it’s making their systems look bad and/or vulnerable.

Maybe it looks that way because they are? :owosneakythink:

there is a creature living in my shower head, i am praying the real estate agent answers my email

"Ultra-thin intellectual dormancy" is not a very common feature in iPad cases, and I'm glad someone is finally stepping up to deliver this to the people.

I'm torn between my desire to see Captain Marvel at the earliest opportunity, and my feeling of absolute horror at having to sit in a cinema with a huge crowd of people.

The mini-cleaver is done!

Handle is local eucalyptus with brass pins. I've sharpened the blade, and accidentally tested on my finger (barely touched it!)

#blacksmith #metalwork #knifeMaking #knife

Man remember that time when they brought Star Trek back after it'd been off-air for ages and they changed all the uniforms with no respect for series canon and the Klingons looked totally different for no reason?

Hey kids when you're designing awesome decentralised stuff, don't forget discoverability. I mean podcasts, conceptually, are perfectly decentralised but when I ask someone about their podcast 90% of the time they tell me to look it up on iTunes.

If you're in NZ and wanting to get into Information Security or are interested in it, in a safe/diverse environment, there's a new group starting up. Project Wednesday. #infosec

Fry, our baby , is living in our backup tank right now until she gets big enough to not get accidentally swallowed by another in the main . We've had an ongoing issue with that tank though, and the water pH keeps creeping up no matter what we do.

In a "well we've tried everything else" guess, I completely replaced all the gravel today, so Fry got to have a brief adventure in a bucket.

I chose black gravel because she seems like a bit of a goth kid to me.

I met this today. She was very friendly but quite disappointed that my thumbs were not food.

My pack of rechargeable batteries I ordered from AliExpress back in January is about 2 hours away from the "we give up, request a refund" deadline. The order page for that item now says "cannot deliver to your country".

I don't think they're coming.

How good are cars? Everyone give cars a big round of applause! Yay cars!

Accidentally made eye contact with someone on the train so now I'm trying to keep my head pointed the same way but just slightly past them so we can both pretend it never happened.

It's either that or just force the doors open and jump out I guess.

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Does anyone know what this disease is? It started a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn't seem to affect the growth of the plant unless the top leaves are infected, most of the tomato plants are still growing really well. I live in a warm and humid climate so I think I'll try growing the next batch of tomatoes during winter when the deseases are hopefully not as bad :)

Lock the target, bait the line, spread the net, catch the tram

I'm a lot like The Incredible Hulk but instead of always being angry like Bruce Banner, I'm always consumed by anxiety and instead turning into a powerful monster I just shrink into a small ball.

I also wake up with my shirt missing a lot but I'm not sure that's related.

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I deliberately left home without my usual backpack today, which means I am consumed every two to three minutes by the fear that I have lost my backpack.

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