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I would like a browser extension that just removes the clap emoji.

After listening to Cal Newport talking about Digital Minimalism, I deactivate my Facebook and Twitter, twiddle my thumbs, and join Mastodon.

If you are using #Tusky consider kicking off our year by donating $12 which would be the equivalent of $1/ month.

If you can't afford that, nor recurring donation, there is the option to do a one time donation (below the tiers). Or boost 💞

Great things about your office mate being on leave:
1) don't have to listen to their phone calls
2) make your own personal phone calls
3) fart whenever you like
4) can pretend you're not there when someone knocks
5) use their coffee mug

Bad things:

Urgh can we just give up on Snaps for application distribution? Good try, folks. Call it a day and go home.

Suit of armour - part 3 

I made a tiny smear on my monitor while wiping a mark off of it, so now to even it out I need to either clean the whole thing or learn to sneeze very precisely.

@mike @kragen
add some software that measures time between button presses. if it's less than a second, play an audio sample of someone saying "Ow", escalating to "Ow!" as the count increases, to "GOD DAMN IT STOP POKING ME YOU SON OF A BITCH" if there are more than six pokes in five seconds.

if it continues, have the elevator say "Okay, THAT'S IT, we're going to the basement and we're staying there until you have calmed down."

These tiny, cute little OLED displays arrived today and they're so clear and crisp. I love them and want to put them in everything now.

Given they only cost about $2.50 each, this may happen.

I forgot to switch my laptop to my phone's hotspot to test the VPN server, so I was wondering why it was being a bit weird - but I also forgot to disable Nextcloud sync, so it's also not trying to download 11 gig of data over 4G right now.

Swings and roundabouts.

A dear friend of mine is working on a thing to produce a comedy festival Safety House Guide.
Its aim is to give people an idea of what to expect from certain performers/venues. They've got it ready to go for Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival (with plans to take it to Edinburgh). However, it's currently way behind in funding, and if it doesn't hit its target, it won't be able to continue.

Have a look and see if you might like to throw some money its way

If you're a person who stabs repeatedly at the door close button the second you get into an elevator, I honestly believe you should have at least two of your fingers cut off.

Hahaha oh god, crypto funds "gone" when CEO dies without leaving any recovery method behind.

“The laptop computer from which Gerry carried out the company’s business is encrypted and I do not know the password or recovery key. ... The transfer of coins from the cold wallet to the hot wallet was performed manually by Gerry.”

My pet theory is reaffirmed once again 😀:

Kung Hei Fat Choy - Happy New Year 

Mr Fish is a highly tuned and efficient machine for turning food into swimming.

@ddipaola it lives! The adapter I bought does work. I used QEMU and a USB to IDE adapter to install FreeDOS on a 300 MB FAT16 partition just to be as conservative as possible. I'll see if I can make other partitions.

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