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I'm not going to get much admin stuff done for the next week, but I kinda want to play with soon, mainly for somewhere to post stuff about my adventures that's a little more flexible than Mastodon, but a lot more casual than my blog.

I have a pretty neat domain name that'd make a good and/or forum - is anyone interested if such a place came into existence? If it's just me, I dunno if it's worth it.

Fun Fact: most information posted with the hashtag isn't fun at all, such as the fact that extinction of all life is inevitable when you consider a long enough timeframe.

I need to hire someone to do some mowing next week, and I just remembered there used to be a business called "Bonanza Mowing" with the slogan "Keeping your Lorne Greene" and I think I may have to check if they're still around.

Pitchfork Club is the newest member of the Chinwag family. It's a instance, and registration is open for now if you're keen to try out this awesome, federated alternative to Instagram.

Expect some rough edges, but give it a go!

If life gives you lemons then you are the product.

I feel we can't really move forward on the Australian Republic issue until we come up with a catchy substitute name for "Royal Commission" that feels good when we demand them at future elections.

Hey, crew - go see this show in February because Bella is awesome and hilarious. It sold out heaps of shows during Melbourne Fringe so don't sit around thinking about it.

How do you cook a hard boiled egg? I fucked this one all the way up.

@mike I wonder if anyone ever bought "50 Shades of Grey" thinking it was a guide to making the most of your colour blindness.

#Fediverse! Is there a decent, non cpu intensive #mastodon webclient (basically no #JS at all), that i can use comfortably on a single board PC? Thinking about something like the legacy twitter site (static)

I wonder if anyone ever bought "50 Shades of Grey" thinking it was a guide to making the most of your leftover Christmas ham.

My contact says any code I write here belongs to the company but I wonder if they'd still let me enter it into a poetry competition.

I just wrote the most elegant and well-structured Bash script I have ever produced but it's for a server at work and I can't share it.

Trust me, it's a thing of beauty. If you saw it you would weep with joy.

The most hilarious part of Luke Cage season 2 was two dudes smashing the fuck out of a drug lab and beating people senseless while accompanied by a version of Wu-Tang Clan's "Shame on a Nigga" with all the "fucks" bleeped out.

Cos, y'know, kids might be watching right?

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