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you know like in a 90s tv show where the bully needs something done on a computer but doesn't know how
then they stands over someone in glasses and raises their fist saying "I DON'T CARE HOW, JUST DO IT NERD!"

it's that but it's called a "technical capability notice"

I made it, I made a real thing. It's a thing what does stuff! And by "stuff" I mean it broadcasts a series of tones on FM radio. Guess I just need to whack a 3.5mm socket on there and it becomes more than a thing ... it'd become a useful thing.

Decided to arrange a welcome for Tumblr refugees, so Toot! is 50% off on the App Store today! Grab it now if you haven't - this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any future sale will not be the same sale as this one, which is the Tumblr refugee sale.

Go go go!

It's a good client. It's the best client. Well, it is at least the client with the most secret easter egg games.

Why do I always fall for the advertised departure and arrival times at airports? I have NEVER boarded a flight on time. Never. Not once. Yet they trick me EVERY TIME. Even when it seems like you might make it on time, they suddenly have to count the bags again or something or the plane is too heavy in the back end and they have to shift everyone around.

The government is threatening to legislate our encryption away again, and I'm standing by what I wrote last time.

Australia is about to destroy encryption with a bill they're ready to pass.

It's time to give the internet to the corporations and build community mesh networks.

#privacy #encryption #meshnetwork

Does anyone know how to block an instance without hunting for one of their toots?

don't even tell people to join mastodon. just tell them to join the instance you're on/an instance you like without any further explanation. they'll figure it out.

Yes, there's no group of people better suited to defining and managing "adult content" than Americans.

Typical American:
"Praise Jesus my children are safe!"
*salutes a flag*

Today's challenge is that I went to find out how to get around a problem I expected, only to find out that things work fine and now I'm trying to puzzle out how the hell it's managing to work so I can make it properly non-functional and then fix it correctly.

I need a #keyboard with underglow, for porting purposes.

It needs to run open source firmware already, and come with an ATMega32u4 MCU (Teensy2, Pro Micro, various other Arduinos, etc). Ideally assembled, preferably shipping from within the EU. It does not have to be split, or ergonomic, or anything else. I just want the underglow. It should be a real keyboard, not a 2-key OSU gimmick, though. It should be readily available, and ship within a few weeks at most.

Is there such a thing?

Thanks to notes from @msh and @cefiar a few days ago, my radio station is now "feature complete", with only really cosmetic polish required.

I can enter a frequency value from the keypad, and retune it on the fly now!

The airlock on my beer is now bubbling away, and I'm really hoping that doesn't make it super interesting to the cats.

Also I'm now realising how much beer 23 litres is, and I really hope it's drinkable enough to give away as presents.

My tiny pirate radio station is now tinier. These little things are awesome.

It passes the "blink" test ... and so does one of the batch of new blue LEDs I got!

Today's post has brought me many treasures from far off and exotic lands. The tiny is for a dedicated controller so I don't have to keep using my main one all the time. They cost about $5 each. I got 4. :awesome:

"Hi, you've called Mike. I'm sorry but I can't answer the phone right now. Not because I'm busy, I'm just emotionally incapable of handling it. After the tone, please leave a message that I won't be able to bring myself to listen to."

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