@Leadegroot I'm pretty sure you're still allowed to laugh without FB's permission. 😁

It's time to move on, accept that things have changed, and update the save icon from a floppy to a Zip disk.

I've been playing 'Psychonauts 2' a lot lately, so here is Ford Cruller. Also, brush pen practice.

Weapons (knife) 

@dartigen from memory (I'm a law school dropout so don't trust me on this) SA and Vic are pretty similar and it's mostly down to having a good reason to carry a knife. The are exceptions like butterfly knives and over some lengths.

There's some fun relevant law going back to the 80s when they tried to classify studded belts as weapons. There was a great ruling like "ok, it might be a weapon but using it to hold your pants up is a valid reason to carry it".

It's really, really hard to get the colours to come out right in a photo, but I do really want to share this as it's finally possible to see what the goal looks like.

There's a long way to go still but damn it's really working.

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Weapons (knife) 

@dartigen ooh I like that, I've had my eye out for something similar to replace the old cheap knife I take camping with me. I might see if I can get an in person look at one somewhere close.

As for legality, in most states here it's situational and if you have a lawful reason to carry it (like if you are in a park with a wooden board and a block of cheese) you're fine.

If it's the only thing you have and you're in a nightclub though? Not so much.

Had an odd smell bugging me in the kitchen for a week and I finally located a rogue potato in the pantry that had apparently broken away from the pack and made a failed attempt at freedom some time ago.

@hugh They can exist in threads with other posts with different visibility, so I could imagine it'd be easy to make something look really, really weird very quickly.

Weird. Freaky volcano question of sorts 

This is a picture of the volcano near Tonga before it erupted. Can anyone else see a face in the smoke?

Weird. Freaky volcano question of sorts 

@PaulfromOz I think I kind of get what you mean but it's not exactly leaping out at me any more than that "face on Mars" did. Or any random cloud would.

We did some promo pics on the weekend and they came up ok. Picking up all those balls after was annoying though. 😁

Promo for what, you say?

Mild violence 

@Jo I thought I was the only person being bothered by this. If you find out who is responsible and they flee to Australia, I will deliver the slap.

Just suddenly recalled a weird dream from last night where I went and interviewed for a new job, knowing full well I already had a job, and didn't need another one. I was in this interview trying to work out how I could do both jobs at the same time without anyone noticing.

@s0 I don't know what I'm having more trouble with - that you have timezone issues on a washing machine, or that you've somehow performed a task that led you to notice that you have timezone issues on your washing machine.

Cobra Kai (no spoilers) 

@rolaveric @Andrea I thought season 1 was a really good counterpoint to the original movie, and unavoidably had issues while linking itself so heavily to something of that era. I did enjoy it overall.

I never made it through the first episode of season 2, I didn't want any more of it. It made me realise I was done.

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