@staticsafe let me know what you think, it looks great in the docs, but I think we all know that's no real indication of how reality is going to work.

@staticsafe have you had a look at Barman at all?


I'm not recommending it, it just came up when I was looking for replacements for wal-e which I'm also on currently. I liked that the requirements on the origin DB server seemed very light, really just SSH, but I've never got around to trying it out.

I haven't played Eve Online for a long time, but I still keep a copy of the "handy Russian phrases" document we had back then, and I referred to it a few times when supporting some Russian users last night.

Мне нравятся большие жопы , и я не могу это скрывать

@pelagikat No ethical problem, the money is already spent!

If you don't use the voucher, Amazon gets to keep it without providing anything in return. Go nuts! :awesome:

The lesson of Thick As a Brick is an important lesson that every musician needs to learn.

If you dare to poke fun of prog rock by making a 30-minute parody, you run the real risk of making a 30-minute epic that becomes an instant prog rock classic, and may forever typecast you as a progressive rock band.

Musicians be warned.

Australian vs American English 

Sysadmin rant 

That feeling when you've been under the impression you were out of for weeks, but suddenly discover half a bottle of Hendrick's at the back of a cupboard.

@sean @lain ah but maybe Q deliberately cultivates that reaction, because otherwise they'd worship him and ask him to solve all their problems immediately.

He's lonely and wants to be treated as a person, not a god. The only way to achieve this is to make the idea of treating him as a god utterly repugnant.

@Nikolai_Kingsley honestly, it happens all the time. It's probably some Russian money launderer's account so I don't know why I'm even helping.

@koosli I'd speculate it's for the Canada market if anything. It's the only one of sufficient size I can imagine would have French specified as a requirement. Probably use the same one for US exports as well and just send them to both.

@koosli I think it's obvious that now we need someone in France to buy a packet and see which variant they get.

Heh, someone's messaging me trying to get me to change the password on "their" Chinwag XMPP account, using one that looks identical because of a unicode character substitution.

I'm being very helpful but I think they might be disappointed with the result. :awesome:

@koosli mine was under the fold where it seals, had to flip it back to reveal the secrets.

@koosli oh, you can possibly answer a question that had me wondering the other day. I noticed the Vic packaging is printed in English and French, presumably for the export market.

Is the QLD pack also bilingual, or is it possible they only export the superior Victorian version?

@Nikolai_Kingsley yeah, Future Mike from payday will appreciate my efforts but he won't be here for another 4 weeks. It's hard to think about him.

This is a thing that Google Photos just goes ahead and generates automatically for people. I did not initiate this in any way, I just received a notification that it was my responsibility to deal with now.

Listening to the soundtrack is critical to appreciating this piece of art.

It's Sunday afternoon, I need to go into work for a few hours and god damn it's proving difficult to motivate myself into doing that.

@geordie meh, I'll have to hear about some world class good deeds done by Gary before I'll consider him turned around in any way.

Thankfully, Altronics exists though!

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