Saddens me a bit when a new user shows up, posts a little, then deletes their account and vanishes. I'm always left wondering why, and if I could have done something better.

@paladin1 Auto posting the score line when someone dies or ascends is tempting, but probably best if it's really clear that'll happen from the start.

@freakazoid don't think default shares anything else, but there are a ton of patched and hacked (heh) versions out there so who knows right now? I'll have to do some research bit I'm leaning towards old school traditional Nethack to start with, at least.

@yojimbo all this stuff can be disabled, there have been public servers for a long time. I ran one for a Nethack tournament in 2001 and we had all that stuff under control even back then.

Seriously considering running a public server again. It's been a while. So much more fun when you find random bones lying about that aren't yours.

@Nikolai_Kingsley it seems they now have evolved to the point where there's a 3D printer kit as well and I can't say I disapprove of this direction.

@Nikolai_Kingsley bloody hell it's been a long time since I saw one of those

Ahhh it is good to have a place on the internet that isn't trying to sell me something

@gemlog heh, I spent most of the last couple of decades being highly risk-averse in an attempt to not be one of those terrible parents.

Mainly need to increase the hiking to work ratio a bit now the child made it to adulthood. :awesome:

@futzle sounds totally likely - I'm a big believer in the idea that behind every rule there's a story of one idiot who messed things up for everyone.

Today's weird thing I don't understand - Google Adwords only allows you to modify your account's timezone ONCE, and only in an EASTWARD direction.

You can move from Perth to Melbourne, but never from Melbourne to Perth (ok that's fair I guess).

@onan Never heard "Eris" pronounced like this anywhere before, by anyone. Probably referring some other goddess with the same glasses and a similar apple. Bet they get that all the time.

@Nikolai_Kingsley is that something I can claim as a religious holiday and get a day off?

@dadegroot oh careful - don't conflate improv and stand-up. Wars have started over less.

@mike I believe peril sensitive sunglasses are also available.

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