Welp snapped, resistor colour code tattoo consult today.

You'd think it would stick in my head after a couple of decades of playing with them but you'd be wrong.

@Naeva this is such a great idea I can't believe there's not a ton of reference images.

@kd0bpv yeah that post was a bit dependent on the first one for context, was largely an afterthought. 😁

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@skalman I win this game every year because I still have absolutely no idea what the song sounds like. I may or may not have heard it a million times. No idea. 😁

There's a reason why we needed one with a big heavy lid.

Eris's is here! No surprise factor involved as we'd planned this in advance but we intend to move the into it close to Christmas Day after staining the wood and getting it established.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @shlee I think that was a night on acid - drunk night was Bucketmouth Frogstump the advertising agency.

So head retention is bad, it's cloudy and it's not very strong - but I knew this would be the case because I didn't do anything to prevent any of it. All I was doing was dusting off my brewing gear, with a $5 on-sale extract kit from the supermarket and some sugar.

However, it does taste pleasantly beery and it'll improve over the next couple of weeks as it sits in the bottles.

The batch cost was approximately a dollar a litre - unless you count labour costs in which case lol.

Got all the parts for my minimalist prototype! This is the easy bit, now I have to look at appropriate tools and methods for mapping out how to connect up the key matrix, then connect a ton of little wires!

@geordie just a vague idea - do you have a grenade of any kind?

@dirtycommo it's going to depend a lot on work, I've got a feeling I'm going to be the one covering the holiday break this year.

If you can get definitive package dimensions and weight that can go into an Auspost calculator let's see what it looks like costing and we can make a plan.

@dirtycommo Parcel post maxes out at 22kg, could be stupidly expensive or about $40 depending which side of the scale that's on.

Man I really kinda want to just drive up and use the trip to go camping for a few days somewhere ... then I could bring some homebrew beer up or something to share. πŸ˜€

@dirtycommo I'm in Melbourne and if I didn't have my car in the shop right now, I'd probably drive up hehe.

Seriously how much would shipping be you reckon?

@dirtycommo my god who wouldn't want that? I've always wanted a Dreamcast. I missed that little moment in gaming.

@freakazoid @ajroach42 @GluedToTheScreen sounds promising for some purposes but I for use in a modem I was hoping to connect to arbitrary SSH servers instead of being stuck to telnet for BBSing purposes.

My hope was to get dropbear, or just client bits of it, to compile somehow.

All this is abstract to me right now anyway, my hardware is still in limbo somewhere between China and Australia. πŸ˜€

@sungo I turned that option on for a while but only lasted about a week or so, yeah a lot of really bad trailers are out there.

Haha they can't stop it so they're just going to make it look like it's their idea.

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