comfort food question 

@katherine sausages and mashed potato. Makes me feel better every time. Heaps of chopped fried onion too.

@uxintro I dunno, he seemed like the one who was having the most fun.

home brewing 

@ThermiteBeGiants I'm trying to think of a solution that's practical in the middle of lockdown but I'm coming up empty. Unless you're really short on storage space, stash it and we'll try something fun at the earliest opportunity.

home brewing 

@ThermiteBeGiants distill it and make whiskey. I may have just recently done a proof of concept along these lines ...

@thraeryn she's a great host, the only bad thing about the show now is that it makes it so hard to binge watch the older episodes without noticing how rarely they had women on the panel.

I still find Stephen Fry's voice immensely reassuring though. I could listen to him read the phone book to me for hours.

@thraeryn it's been my go-to for background viewing when the house feels quiet and lonely for ages. Love it.

Sandi is the best thing that happened to that show. I'm watching the latest one right at this moment, seriously.

Package tracking 

@matt it seems a weirdly common place for tracking to get "stuck". I've had plenty of stuff "awaiting clearance" in Singapore for ages, then suddenly arrive at my doorstep with no intervening steps.

@Ricardus yeah just not right. Fuck this, work's done for the day. I'm out.

What about other kid friendly, reasonably cheap engineering projects? What are some of your favorites?

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@hugh I'm assuming it was something like "Fire that asshole, or I'll have them do to you what I did to Holt".

@urbanfuzzy @screenbeard If you want, you might not be able to get the old stuff out of it though - see previous comment about blobs of epoxy, heh.

@urbanfuzzy @screenbeard a cheap option is to get a couple of wall-wart type bricks of the correct two voltages (5V DC and 9V AC) and chop the lead off your existing PSU to use the connector.

Obviously don't do that if you're lacking tools to double and triple check everything and are comfortable soldering stuff. Buying a brand new compatible one is the best option but I don't think anyone in AU actually makes them locally.

@urbanfuzzy @screenbeard yeah, the C64 PSUs were a flawed design. When they fail, the 5v line suddenly outputs a much higher voltage and can totally wreck a machine.

There's no warning here. It can test fine one minute and fry the computer 30 seconds later. Also, almost all of them have the internals embedded in a solid blob of epoxy and they're unservicable. Just don't use them.

I have one of these:

It's great but not super cheap. There are others out there too.

@brendantcc if anything, I need to automate "disconnect" as I've lost count of how many times I've been sitting here for ages in the evening wondering why something is weirdly slow, before realising I'm still sending everything via work and back.

@muffinista It's not much of a concept at all here now. I'm kind of enjoying the fact that I haven't needed to set an alarm for about three months. I generally wake up at some point within the hour-or-so window that I need to.

If not, the cat who wants his breakfast comes and points out my error.

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