@StroomAfwaarts Well for a start, "bloody hot summers" isn't a nationwide guarantee. It can be cold on Christmas day. But yeah, not snow. Well, once. It helped put out a bushfire. That was nice.

Look, yes, a lot of the snow and
Wintery-themed stuff doesn't really fit, but nobody cares.

The decorations aren't a really huge factor in what the holiday is all about, which is trying not to get in a fight with our racist uncle during dinner and making mum cry into the pudding.

I have all the sources still, and would like to do higher res versions but it's all in Photoshop files I don't have tools for any more. Oh well.

I made these ages ago and like to bring them out when we get close to Christmas.

@cefiar You watched War Games earlier though, right? That and Electric Dreams were both 83 weren't they?

@Siphonay Just an example. tcsh or other shells should have an equivalent sequence.

@Siphonay this is going to always be complicated by the fact that however you solve it, you're putting a bandaid over the top of your actual problem.

That said, assuming bash is the shell, it should start by loading the system wide /etc/profile or includes from /etc/profile.d, before going for the user home directory.

You could just put something in there to test is the home directory is present or not, and do whatever you need to make sure it mounts before exiting.

@Siphonay honestly, this is the kind of question where I want to ask what your goal is rather than give a straight answer right of.

I'm guessing there's an implied "that the user can't avoid" in there right? So something like just .bashrc is out?

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread⤵️

@cefiar nice, but I only feel optimistic about being able to afford the one on the left in the near future, heh.

Also making my own ginger beer is very much on my radar. I might do that over my Christmas break.

@cefiar I was thinking spiced rum, actually but that'd be more of a winter idea.

@cefiar that's far too easy a movie to pick, I'm much more interested in what's in that bottle. Does that say ginger beer and lemon myrtle? I want to go to there.

@cefiar I'm hoping a new lead-in is exactly what they do. The pit and the pole are right at the end of my driveway, it couldn't be an easier arrangement.

Also there are two lines coming in, one for an old bungalow out the back, it'd be great if that could be removed while they're at it. Don't care about that one.

All things considered though, running a fibre line instead would be almost exactly the same amount of work ...

@loke hahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha no

That would be sensible. We don't do sensible in Australia.

@virtualwolf I'll think about it after the new setup actually works, only want to reconfigure one thing at a time. :awesome:

@virtualwolf I'm kinda tempted to change the SSID to "Moon's Peril" in tribute.

Literally the only thing I will miss about Optus cable is the default wifi password.

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