@faizalr almost no wind today, that's how I got away with just a tshirt for most of the walk, despite the temperature being pretty low overall.

Looking back down to the southern end of the Prom and seeing all the walking tracks makes my feet itch. I've walked most of the main ones down there at some point but damn, I'm not done yet.

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A programmer is a machine for turning coffee into opinions on mechanical keyboards

I have been doing this IT thing for about 30 years now and this morning it took me far too long to figure out that the computer in front of me would work a lot better if I plugged it in.

So, I guess that's the kind of day I've got coming up.

I got a new keyboard, it is sooo nice I need to take photos in the natural light though

#SysadminLife, NBN 

@futzle if this analogy holds, brace yourself for a gap of about 20 years between the next couple of visits.

@joel oh hey they've pulled out all the stops and found a playlist on Spotify called "Mexican Fiesta Party Music" if anyone wants to join in.

My company is doing a "Mexican fiesta" themed mid year event and it is going exactly how you think it is.

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