I have to organise a few hundred documents (mainly PDF) for distribution by archive/usb stick. I was considering using static web pages for the indexes and notes but then thought something like TiddlyWiki might be better. Any suggestions on how best to present something like this?

where are the rad librarians on this site if you are a rad librarian please @ me

Mercury is a new Mastodon app for iPhones. You can follow at:

➡️ @mercury

It's available on the App Store, and the official site is at onmercury.app

It has some interesting features like being able to save hashtags, and apparently it is also particularly good for accessibility 👍

(Thank you to @weirdwriter for the recommendation!)

#Mercury #iPhone #iOS #Mastodon #App #Apps #Accessibility #A11y #Apple

@s0 @ThermiteBeGiants I have sworn to use my magical powers only for the good of all, or attracting handsome princes.

@s0 @ThermiteBeGiants I can't really tell them apart so all the rosellas in Halls Gap are named Skittles now. They all seem to treat me like a Disney princess though, it's amazing. One day I'll go up there and they'll bring me clothes and do my hair.

I dedicate this cat photo to anyone who has worked with, or been, a professional baby photographer. #cats

Pandemic streetwear 

It took me a LOT of stitching to make, but how cool is this mask?

food (meat), pet ec 

@futzle I was getting strong "Charlie the Wonderdog" vibes from that pic, then I saw the description text. Nice. 👍

All the Americans are drunk or asleep, post Australian animals

@junebug that is 100% my favourite Discworld book and I don't think it gets noticed nearly enough.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @mrc I don't think any of this output is a ready to go song, but it's a hell of a neat starting point to riff on.

I wonder what other AI stuff is out there and whether we can just hand the whole album making process over to them yet.

Zeta Wing (C64) by SarahJaneAvory

Oh, Zeta Wing is out! I've been waiting for this one. Sarah's last game, Neutron, was a great little classic style shooter and I'm loving that there are people out there still making new Commodore 64 games who I can throw money at.

Definitely pick this up, don't even stop to think about it! I think I'm going to make a physical cartridge copy and play it that way, but hey - use an emulator if you don't happen to have old computers and EPROMs just lying around!

@yrabbit he has a soft red blankie on a bed and couches and many options - but he's still barely one step away from feral and he's most comfortable in the open on a sunny day. Yesterday was pretty nice so he spent his time just moving between spots in the garden catching the sun. :awesome:

For no reason, here's a picture of Meech, sleeping in the garden yesterday.

@pelagikat I have strongly considered tossing a ton of pumpkin seeds down along the back fenceline and just letting nature figure it out.

@LiangSijie yeah from what I read they don't do so well down here, but I might give it a go one day. I do love finger limes.

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