Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

Of course we've ALL definitely listened to and enjoyed the playlist that needs to be listened to with the volume cranked up to 11 but today we're doing the opposite. Hashtag balance.
Send me 2-3 soothing songs that you listen to to calm down or when you're in a quiet mood.
As usualy send them to me
🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴.
The rules:
This playlist will be created on Spotify, so don't send me songs not found on Spotify.

@Funkpirata @pelagikat @liamvhogan my excess is $800 IIRC which doesn't leave me in a super great position in the event of a write-off, but would definitely be the difference in me getting home vs starting a new life in FNQ.

@Funkpirata I used it for a while to break myself out of a rut of just doing the same thing over and over. Wasn't bad quality, I did make the effort to do the recipes but got tired of the pressure to schedule things that hard after a few months.

I might go back to it one day for a bit, certainly didn't leave me feeling bad about the experience. Not something I'd do long term though.

@Funkpirata @pelagikat @liamvhogan in the ballpark of $500 per year, I recall. I'd have to look it up to be sure but I'm pretty sure it's around there within $50 or so.

@Funkpirata @pelagikat @liamvhogan I have comprehensive on the RAV currently but I'll probably drop that back down after the trip.

@grumpysmiffy yeah I'm on Pfizer. Had definitely heard stories about it being worse the second time but complete non event for me.

My mum got her first AZ and had no reaction at all while her partner was knocked out for a day.

Definitely highly variable!

Slightly tangentially I recall the beta versions of Windows 97 (before they shifted the release back a year) coming with a stripped-down version of FrontPage called FrontPad. Where's that in the history books now, huh?

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Not denying there's some nostalgia here, but I don't really miss this era of design.

@s0 @hugh @liamvhogan I would love to have an email address carefully constructed to be this marginally acceptable.

I've about given up on my dream of one day getting access to the US military name services so I can have

@hugh @liamvhogan Your password must contain at least two characters with a Unicode value between 0x2100 and 0x319F, please try again.

The ninth circle of hell is reserved for traitors, betrayers, oathbreakers and people who design web forms that require me to enter my email address twice "for confirmation" but use javascript to disable copy and paste and yet also require javascript to successfully submit the form.

It's been a huge day for Meech, he's slept in four different places so far and it's not even lunchtime yet.

Wow, if only someone had foreseen this possibility and said something earlier so legislation protecting this data could have existed from the outset.

I'd heard the side effects of the second dose could be worse than the first, but honestly I barely noticed this one. But tired last night, very mild headache, but this morning I was pretty normal. Compared to the first dose where I spent the day under a blanket feeling miserable this is nothing.

AAAA++++ would get vaccinated again.

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I tell aka , a short story encapsulated in a single post. Themes are usually science-fiction adjacent.

Rating is generally PG; some may stray into M rating but will be CW'd. Some adult themes may be present; there is little to no violence, sex scenes, nudity, drug use, coarse language or horror.

Followers who post or boost racist, homophobic, transphobic, or anti-vaccine content may find themselves blocked.

I asked on Mastodon a few weeks ago what these latest crop of buy now, pay later services were, and why they weren't just payday loans or credit cards in cheap suits. @mike confirmed my suspicions.

I just saw that James Hennessy wrote a great post about it:

@emmadavidson I could demonstrate my super ability to leap state borders with a single bound!

Would definitely rather have that attempt recorded at NSW/ACT rather than NSW/Vic.

I'd really hoped to use the old Pi model 1 that I've had for years for this, but it's just a bit too slow to keep up well. I'd also hoped to use the old 120GB SSD from my last PC, but that's too flaky (I am now recalling that I replaced it for a reason).

So now I've got a Pi 3 A+ and a 240GB SSD and I'm barely using any of the available resources, so maybe I need to incorporate video as well.

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