@garfiald I love that this post is the way I have first heard anything about this event

@rolaveric this might not be a thing you get to see, we're recording for reference and promo material but not really planning distribution of the whole thing. Maybe though, we'll see.

@dadegroot at least I know now that it's not my problem to deal with! :awesome:

@dadegroot hmmm, still works for me off that post, maybe a one-off?

@pho4cexa I used a Gmail account as a live backup for ages and imported a bunch of stuff into it. My oldest email in there is from 1996, making me look like I was an extremely early adopter. :awesome:

@stibbons I'd go further and burn it before bringing it in, just to be safe.

@s0 seeing audiences actually having fun and getting into it has been such a relief. Imposter syndrome symptoms have decreased by a good 5-10% now!

This dumb little show we made keeps working and I'm so fucking happy.

Doing a rather simple video export today, and cancelled and restarted several times sure I'd cocked something up as it kept saying it was going to take 2.5 hours and kept going up as I tweaked settings.

Finally realised it was giving wall clock time as an ETA - 2:30pm, not 2 hours 30 from now.

@dadegroot it's fucking bizarre. Feels like this must have been the result of some historic compromise made to get legislation passed in the hopes it'd keep a generation or so of pollies safe.

@bcshort I think the issue here is just involving Jaycar in the process and expecting their regular prices to not be insanely marked up.

How good is coming home from a hard day's work in the comedy mines, smashing a tall Berocca and getting into bed before midnight? Living that rockstar life!

@s0 that was my first ever USB-C to C cable and it's been going really well except it's quite short and pretty limited in use because of that. It's just right for running from that socket to my Pinebook when it's sitting on that bench in the car though!

@Funkpirata I paid for Vidtrim Pro for this and it's pretty capable. Don't recall how as heavy the free version was but I don't think it was insanely bad. No idea how you're going to fare on fdroid though.

@s0 my PD socket arrived yesterday, I hope this AC-free arrangement is less stressful for you to look at. :awesome:

Thanks to the brave souls who came to our first preview show of the Backyard Quiz! Thanks also to the best cast ever who have made a wild idea two blokes talked about over a few beers into a real thing that's happening.

In 10 hours the show we've been putting together for months makes contact with a human audience for the first time and oh god I hope it works like we planned and we don't have to restructure the entire thing before the second show.

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