If you don't know the difference between "copyright" and "trademark", please refrain from writing comments about either topic on the internet. Thank you.

Worst feature ever: Netflix’s brutal automatic preview. It’s so against the user that is clearly designed to be that way.

I am 5th grade teacher. I am interested in the inclusion of social-emotional learning and multi-sensory learning in classrooms. I also really enjoy keeping up on science and tech news.

Hi, I'm giving mastodon another go, this is like the third time I'm coming to mastodon to try things out.

I am a code quality engineer who writes spaghetti code on personal projects. Guess that defines me pretty well ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

@sophia Microsoft took 95 tries to get it working so at least that many

Whoa! For the first time in weeks since I let the last few glass shrimp loose in the big tank, I've seen one! I thought they'd all been devoured, although I'd hoped there were enough hiding places for some of them to hang out happily. I was right!

Just finished a busy and somewhat stressful 11 hour day at work. Then ate a whole block of chocolate on the train. #eatingmyfeelings

Our newest little snail friend, Ruby, was definitely pregnant when we brought her home. Baby snails are fast! We don't have an infinite amount of tank space though, so they're being left to fend for themselves in a world that contains big, hungry . Good luck lil snails!

What sparked this thought about stages of disillusionment was reading this blog post:


It's one of a whole genre of blog posts by computer programmers who have just reached Stage 1 disillusionment.

And I'm always like "Oh, you sweet summer child, you have no idea. Come back to me when you reach Stage 3 disillusionment."

Hopefully every Stage 1 Disillusionment blog post is the start of a developer developing a social conscience.

I wanna go back to the days when I knew nothing and was content with the world.

@Andrea @rolaveric FYI the animated fish is named (at Eris's suggestion) Phish. The function that runs him is goPhish().

@rolaveric nothing at all, I was kinda hoping to see a bit of a room temperature drop overnight but there's a huge brick wall in that room that acts as a massive heat sink and keeps things pretty level apparently.

The biggest outage risk is a cat jumping onto a shelf and knocking over the board with everything wired to it.

Hi all! I’m new to Mastodon so here’s my first go at an #introductions post.

I’m a second year computer science student in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been using Linux exclusively for about 6 years and want to enter the #FreeSoftware community to contribute to cool projects. Because much of my coursework requires using proprietary software, I’m interested in projects aimed at making free software choices more practical for institutions as well as average users.

I started logging and graphing my conditions but unfortunately the conditions have been annoyingly consistent for the last 24 hours or so so it's really dull to look at.

I've had a link to this sitting on my desktop for over a week, with the intent of posting it here and saying:

Attn @Nikolai_Kingsley

@waweic @Andrea oh god it still exists! That thing has been my go-to reference quiz name for years and years! I assumed it was dead and gone by now.

I'm still and proud!

"Hey Mike, you know computers, how do I not get hacked?"

"Stop doing those dumb 'What Industrial Solvent Are You?' quizzes, delete Facebook and don't reuse your passwords."

"Hahah yeah, but seriously, what app for my phone should I get?"

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