@Nikolai_Kingsley do you still have a band name list, because I want to add "Not Your Real Dad and the Father Figures" to it.

Trying to do tech support for someone who's a non-native English speaker and hoo boy has confusion over "export" and "import" taken up a whole lot of time.

@sophistoche now that you point it out, I did know it, but I was just looking at my lunch box doing random word association at the time, heh.

Maybe I was too quick to judge. Linus trivia is fun.

Linus Torvalds is naturally completely hairless, and he wears a wig he has crafted himself from finely shaved timber. His current eyebrows were a gift from Intel.

Linus Torvalds is allergic to the smell of an approaching rainstorm.

@ToroidalCore haha yeah I'd prefer not to.

This is purely for a disaster recovery option, so I'd only be accessing data from it if, say, my house burned down - so something Glacier-like is the right option though. Single disk failures and "normal" events like that should be covered by the existing arrangements.

@ToroidalCore yeah looks interesting with the snapshots etc, but massively more expensive than say B2. I'm looking at parking quantities on the order of 2-4 TB so I want to shave off as much as possible I think. Might be well worth it for a small subset of data though.

@FiXato I dunno, that feels too much like editing someone else's post, and data duplication could be hard to track and control. If you really need to do that, post a link to the toot with a CW.

Anyone got any handy data on cost for continuous syncing of large quantites of data (using say rsync) to keep a backup with some cloud storage provider? While I have a pretty good home backup system, it's very songle-site and I'd like to mirror a couple of terabytes of disk array to maybe Backblaze or something.

Passing vague idea - user option to create CWs for posts that don't have one expicitly set using any/all hashtags present in that post. Like, this post would appear with 'mastodev' above the button.

@matt so you need to throw a blanket over the bong and empty beer cans?

@matt @ThermiteBeGiants @koosli @Andrea @pelagikat @futzle I think the only logical option at this point is a three day pub crawl festival.

@Andrea it's really not worth worrying about. I'm really not at risk and I don't actually even care about business continuity. Not my problem. I'm just illogically feeling worried because of similarity to last time the media was in a paranoid frenzy like this.

I'm trying to be sensible and level headed about the virus news, but I remember being unconcerned about the swine flu about a decade ago and I managed to actually catch that. They did swabs and sent samples of me to labs and everything.

This looks interesting. They have a very comprehensive privacy policy. Does anyone use it as their main search engine? I've been using DDG exclusively for years. Good to see there are other alternatives out there that take privacy seriously.

Qwant - The search engine that respects your privacy

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