Just spent a bit of time scratching my head and reading NFS man pages to see if there'd been major changes that I'd missed, when it turned out I'd just typed in the wrong IP address.

*visualises a calm blue ocean*






*calm blue ocean*

*calm blue ocean*

I just had to disable a user's email account because they had a really dumb out-of-office auto reply set up that replied to everything, even itself and non-delivery reports, and I was all "Is it 1996 again somehow?"

How did I reach this low point of spending my day setting up Active Directory OU structures and deploying Group Policy settings to Windows desktops? Where did it all go wrong?

It's time to go home when you discover after 45 minutes of frustrating work that the reason this desktop computer isn't picking up the network policy changes is that its network cable isn't plugged in.

Yes, look, I do want to help you solve this issue with the payroll submission, as I have a strong desire for it to work. I am very keen to get to the bottom of this error you're experiencing.

I did not need you, however, to attach a plain text copy of all the payroll data for all staff to the email you sent about the problem.

You're lucky you sent it to a sysadmin who already has access to everything. If you'd sent this off-site, my tone would be quite different right now.

I think I finally found the cause of some performance issues that have been bugging me for months. Looks like a minor config error, basically not much more than a typo. Computers are fun!

Topic of email filtering came up this morning, and reminded me of a time I had a major government body repeatedly reject a user's mail due to "profanity" which nobody could ever find in the message.

No, it wasn't a Scunthorpe problem!

I had a backend server named "fuckchop" which would appear in the email HEADERS about half the time.

My server naming scheme at the time was "slang terms of abuse" and that kinda ended that era.

One of our new people recursively chmod 777ed his hard drive. Not going to even attempt anything other than a reinstall heh.

Kiddo loses his local sudo rights though. Gonna have to earn that back.

How good is it when you wake up and the first thing you find out is that one of your database servers isn't running and you get to debug that before you're even dressed?

Hey Fediverse - if I wanted to set up a generalised authentication backend for current and future projects, where users could self register, change passwords, update details etc, and I could have that available via a bunch of methods like oauth, LDAP, whatever ... How much is possible with off the shelf software right now? What's out there that's good?

I've searched of course, but anyone out there got personal experience in this area and feel like a chat?

The five stages of debugging server issues are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and pasting content from Stack Exchange directly into the terminal window.

Who needs coffee when you can just reboot a server that you just worked on and see "Operating system not found" on the screen?

Sometime when I'm trying to get to the bottom of an issue when the user is a programmer I get surprised when I find a gap in their knowledge - like today when I realised I was asking questions about probable DNS issues to a guy who really had no idea how DNS worked.

I don't mean he SHOULD have known, there's no reason for him to be, but I sometimes forget that "IT" is a pretty broad field and I've been in it longer than some of these guys have been alive.

"Sure, I'll cover for you this week, just divert your phone to mine."

South Africa office then decides to do server relocations on Friday morning their time, ~9pm our time. Alerts start coming in at 10pm! VPN server is down.

OK, I'll just VPN in and look at ... oh.

Woot! Today I updated our pfSense firewalls, which pulled in the new acme.sh packages, which already have been updated to include my code for our DNS provider's API ... and it all worked flawlessly when just stuffed my credentials into the GUI and refreshed our certificates.

Never felt so good to be a small link in a big chain. :awesome:

Feeling pretty good this morning as my contribution to acme.sh got merged into master overnight which I think is the most meaningful thing I've ever added to a tool I use a lot. Nice to be able to solve one of my own issues upstream instead of internally.

I just wrote the most elegant and well-structured Bash script I have ever produced but it's for a server at work and I can't share it.

Trust me, it's a thing of beauty. If you saw it you would weep with joy.

Today's challenge is that I went to find out how to get around a problem I expected, only to find out that things work fine and now I'm trying to puzzle out how the hell it's managing to work so I can make it properly non-functional and then fix it correctly.

Something odd I noticed while writing units for something the other day - processes run as non-root users only seem to have their primary UID and GID set, not any supplementary groups - like "audio". Is this new or have I missed a trick somewhere?

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