This looks pretty unimpressive, but I've been chipping away at a little framework to hang a simple C64 game off of for a while now.

There are no graphics defined, so the screen's mostly junk, but as of yesterday that's a double-buffered, smooth-scrolling display right there with a stable status line for score.

Honestly, 90% of my fiddling has been how to format the code and run the builds. I kinda know how I'm going to structure it all now though.

I kinda had to. Vice runs pretty badly on a 500MHz G3 though, heh.

I'm shocked that getting this far is even a possibility on this OS, it's very slow though.

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Well, I did a bit more poking around and I got a dump of the EPROM just fine, although I don't have any tools to inspect it really and I'm not sure I really want to dive into 8051 assembly anyway.

I did poke at the board with a multimeter afterwards, and there's no voltage at all reaching the CPU or RAM or anything - so it's probably a power supply issue. On the bright side, that suggests a good chance that the actual logic stuff might be fine.

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I've got an old Link branded dumb serial terminal that doesn't fire up any more, but I haven't written off yet.

Took the cover off tonight just to look for any obvious faults, saw it's got an Intel 8032 microcontroller driving it, but with an obvious EPROM socketed right next to it.

So I guess trying to dump that ROM would be an interesting place to start, then start poking around the board with a multimeter. I hope there's just a simple power supply issue.

Saddened to report I've been unable to successfully boot this 1999 Corel Linux CD on any physical hardware I have. I guess the year of Linux on the desktop came and went.

For someone who remembers having to restart the computer and reload the entire assembler environment from a floppy disk every time you wanted to actually test run the code you wrote (because you only had one computer) an environment like this kinda feels like easy mode.

Not to mention the whole other monitor with reference docs and an entire internet of information ...

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Who'd have thought that commenting my assembly code would lead to me getting a song stuck in my head?

I have only myself to blame.


Finally knocked a long-standing to do list item and got a nice little build environment going for generating cartridge images.

I've got the basic code running to set up the system and run a little loop, so I can now chip away at building a rudimentary little side scroller game or something to really get my #6502 assembly knowledge back to a functional level. Then maybe try one of my more ambitious ideas!

Someone is seeking some lost software, "The Stock Exchange BBS":

Any people with obscure disk collections out there?

Due to rearranging all the furniture, the only computer sitting on a desk ready to be used in my home right now is a . I haven't played this much Jumpman Jr for a long time.

Some pretty dedicated nerdery going on here this evening. Probably should order a pizza at some point.

Every day I check the mail excitedly to see if my RAM has arrived yet. Everything else has, so I'm eagerly awaiting final assembly day.

While messing about with a I didn't neglect the old technology as well, and modded a real 1541 by removing the massive, heavy transformer and putting in a compact switching power supply instead.

It's now much lighter, should now consume less power, and will definitely run a lot cooler. Plus we've lost some huge capacitors that could have leaked eventually.

Really hard to get a good photo, but all the bits of my work in its hacked together form! Now I just need to get it all into a case or on a single board or something.

New toy day! Totally going to write the shit out of some 8k ROMs now! My own DIY cartridges are not far off.

Shameless promotion: I recently started up Yellow Plastic as a place to dump links related to as I encounter them. Registration is open, come join in if that's your thing!

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