Someone is seeking some lost software, "The Stock Exchange BBS":

Any people with obscure disk collections out there?

Due to rearranging all the furniture, the only computer sitting on a desk ready to be used in my home right now is a . I haven't played this much Jumpman Jr for a long time.

Some pretty dedicated nerdery going on here this evening. Probably should order a pizza at some point.

Every day I check the mail excitedly to see if my RAM has arrived yet. Everything else has, so I'm eagerly awaiting final assembly day.

While messing about with a I didn't neglect the old technology as well, and modded a real 1541 by removing the massive, heavy transformer and putting in a compact switching power supply instead.

It's now much lighter, should now consume less power, and will definitely run a lot cooler. Plus we've lost some huge capacitors that could have leaked eventually.

Really hard to get a good photo, but all the bits of my work in its hacked together form! Now I just need to get it all into a case or on a single board or something.

New toy day! Totally going to write the shit out of some 8k ROMs now! My own DIY cartridges are not far off.

Shameless promotion: I recently started up Yellow Plastic as a place to dump links related to as I encounter them. Registration is open, come join in if that's your thing!

Since I've taken to kinda-blogging by posting any links I click on during the day to it's really shown me how much of this stuff I read.

Come submit yours too, or just witness how I occupy my time on the train.

Been having a think about what I want to do with various projects and I think inn going to want an EEPROM programming setup sooner or later. Any recommendations for a cheap-ish entry point to this field?

I tend to click on a lot of links that are related and I wanted somewhere to post lots of them, without spamming everything into Chinwag Local - so I'm trying something out.

Come hang out, post stuff if you want, let's see if it goes anywhere.

Oh wow, I'm going to have to have one of these. I hope they don't cost a million dollars.

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