Since we have a lot of new and folks here, it's probably time for me to float again that I own the domain and I'm not sure what I want to do with it long term.

I threw postmill up on it to just give me somewhere to collect links but I'm not really committed to it.

I've toyed with the idea of trying out Friendica on there. I don't think we need another retro Mastodon or anything do we?

I'm definitely adding a BBS though.

Other ideas?

I have to say, my surprise level at finding this on the back of an old computer instead of some weird connector that needs both +15 and -8.5 volts and fits in with three possible orientations, one of which makes your house explode, is pretty high.

I can't believe how much grief I'm having trying to get a reliable serial connection between my desktop PC and my old 486 for file transfers.

Adding to the frustration is the knowledge that I've got a good quality null modem cable around here somewhere but it's not where I thought it was, and trying to find one specific black cable in amongst all the other black cables is proving ... tricky.

I might just go find an old DOS game or something and stop poking it for a bit.

Something that's been on my to-do list since the 1990s is to play with TSX-32.

I first downloaded it from a BBS waaay back in the day and was fascinated, but I was lacking the documentation needed to really get my head around it.

Thought I'd take another crack now, but after 3 decades the company seems to have folded and the old web site is down.

Anyone got copies of the full TSX-32 (6.xx)? I only have TSX-Lite 4.20. There's at least a 4.26 of that.

Here's a job I've been putting off for a while. The case is in really bad shape. Not daring to power it up until I've at least done some basic checks. At least the boards all look clean! Why didn't I take the rustproofing option?

It's baby steps but I got my old AlphaStation 200 to go from "I can't find any RAM" to "I can't find a hard drive" this morning. I hope I still have a working SCSI drive around somewhere.

Finished installing sockets for the lower RAM bank in the Spectrum. Had to reconstruct a couple of traces on the back due to some lifting a bit during desoldering, there's really not much holding things down on this board, it's shockingly delicate.

Anyway, diagnostics should be a great deal easier now. 😁

Please welcome @declan an old, IRL friend of mine to this little network. He has a sweet little collection I'm hoping he'll post about.

Also it appears that @ThePingMachine has arrived. You may know him from such Backyard Quiz shows as "Damo and Mick's Backyard Quiz" and ... well actually I think that's it.

Follow the hell out of them please. 😁

Finally got around to taking a look into my ZX Spectrum's stability issues and one of the RAM chips is getting red hot in a textbook failure kind of way. Unfortunately I don't have any appropriate spares so everything is on hold while I wait for some stuff to be shipped here from overseas.

How long could that possibly take? :awesome:

Had a ticket opened yesterday by someone whose phone extension ends in 6502 and now I'm wondering if I can hijack that somehow.

Finally happy now that my newest computer can run software from my oldest one.

Rescued this from the dumpster at my old job. Going to make some fully sick 68k Mac OS and Windows 98 apps with it one day. Even comes with Internet Explorer for free! What a deal!

Still on the "one of these days" pile is finding out if this collection of bits will fire up. It's a Pentium 3, with a TNT2 video card, 3c905 ethernet and Sound Blaster AWE64 in it.

I don't have a spare case or power supply to get any further right now though, and it's not actually old enough to be super interesting. I can't think of anything it'd be suitable for that I couldn't do better in emulation.

Something that caught my eye when I saw F9 in the cinema was a fraction of a second of what I thought was a Commodore 64, or at least its keyboard.

Finally got a screenshot of it to post! I thought it might not be one for a second, but it looks like a 64C case with the keyboard detached and pulled forward.

Late model machine with the keycaps printed only on top. This thing is on screen for less than 4 seconds.

No YOU'RE a nerd.

Does anyone out there in land happen to have a copy of Final Cut Pro 4 from around 2003 sitting on a shelf somewhere? Hit me up.

Playing with emulated CP/M on an ESP32 microcontroller. Tested to make sure it runs Zork and Wordstar. What else do you need from a computer, really?

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