Here is the fluffy belly in question. How am I meant to sit down and think about computers when this boy is around?

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Shout out to Meech, who went back to bed after having his breakfast today, and didn't get up again until dinnertime. A true inspiration in these trying times.

Fluffy boy has decided I've done enough work for today (it is 9:30am).

I nearly got out of bed an hour ago but Meech had other ideas and trapped me.

I now have 50 days of cat food in the freezer. I've told Meech he'll be fine, and that he can relax. He seems to have taken my advice on board.

Meech had a big breakfast and now the poor boy is all worn out. Thoughts and prayers please.

Best part of working from home is who you're sharing your office with.

It appears that I am not permitted to put the laundry away right now.

Put up a new shelf last night, didn't take long for Pi to test it out and make sure it was safe. Thanks, Pi.

Last year, when we said goodbye our 15-year-old cat, I swore I wasn't going to have another pet ... then this young man literally walked in off the street and made himself at home.

He has a bell on his collar but it only rings when he chooses. He can move silently through the house, then his bell will give a little ring when he's ready. You turn around and there he is looking at you.

He has issues. He's seen some shit, but that doesn't matter. He is a Good Boy. His name is Meech.

I had medical appointments this morning, a pleasant side effect of this was I got to spend some time watching our formerly-feral cat Meech roll around in the sun.

Can't believe how much of a house cat this boy has turned into in just under a year. He's still a bit jumpy sometimes and runs far, far away if he feels threatened, but mostly he's always hanging around somewhere near the house now. He's a Good Boy.

Today's first problem. I can't reach my coffee because a small man has fallen asleep on my leg and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to move now.

This is a thing that Google Photos just goes ahead and generates automatically for people. I did not initiate this in any way, I just received a notification that it was my responsibility to deal with now.

Listening to the soundtrack is critical to appreciating this piece of art.

If I ever open a brewery it'll be named "Helpful Cat" and a picture of this boy will be on the label, casually pushing a bottle off a shelf.

Currently trying to get some work done in the front yard, but this boy keeps distracting me with his need for pats.

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