I offered Meech some breakfast but he claims to be pretty happy where he is and does not wish to attend the kitchen at this time.

It's sunny and warm outside but the call of Blankie was too great to ignore for Meech.

Finally rearranged a bunch of stuff in the backyard, allowing me to get Meech's house up onto its concrete slab under the tree. Need to plant some more stuff around it to really keep it sheltered and cool, but tonight's dinner was served on the patio and Meech seemed happy enough with the arrangement.

@plants at one point previously when I posted progress pics, someone requested that I get Meech back to the cornfield for a comparison shot as he loved rolling around in it when I was trying to get it established.

Today he lounged about in the grass nearby for the first time in ages, and I got a picture!

This is 10 weeks of growth.

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Meech bravely left the couch easier to go outside, just in time for it to start hailing.

The sun has come out again but he's back on the couch watching TV with me now.

One day I'm going to have to get rid of this roll of old carpet and I hope Meech forgives me.

A damp boy has come in and decided that watching some TV with me is better than being outside right now.

Last night Meech got some fancy cat food for Christmas dinner, and this morning I was trapped in bed by a highly attentive and stretchy boy who needed lots of belly rubs and pats on the head. Not sure if there's a connection here.

The weather has been so shitty the last couple of days that Meech has gone back to his winter daytime sleeping place on my bed.

I love that I have a pretty much endless supply of pics for thanks to Meech.

Attn fedi, please post your best pics, thank you. This hashtag is shamefully unpopulated.

Here is Meech, sitting like a proper gentleman.

I don't know what is so amazing about the cornfield compared to the rest of the garden, but Meech fucking loves it.

Tiny feral kitten update: it's her shed now. She's also prepared to go back to sleep if she wakes up and notices me. Still edgy if I get too close, but if I keep to the correct distance, we're fine.

Kitten update: it's a dusty spot she's found, but there's a nice breeze blowing through there and it's significantly cooler there than outside. She found the new, better spot I put her water bowl in too. She looks almost relaxed and didn't even twitch when I came to say hello.

Kitten update: she has found a reliable way up onto the shed roof and has claimed it as her own.

The boy is having a tough day, lots on the schedule to deal get through before quitting time.

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