It appears that I am not permitted to put the laundry away right now.

Put up a new shelf last night, didn't take long for Pi to test it out and make sure it was safe. Thanks, Pi.

Last year, when we said goodbye our 15-year-old cat, I swore I wasn't going to have another pet ... then this young man literally walked in off the street and made himself at home.

He has a bell on his collar but it only rings when he chooses. He can move silently through the house, then his bell will give a little ring when he's ready. You turn around and there he is looking at you.

He has issues. He's seen some shit, but that doesn't matter. He is a Good Boy. His name is Meech.

I had medical appointments this morning, a pleasant side effect of this was I got to spend some time watching our formerly-feral cat Meech roll around in the sun.

Can't believe how much of a house cat this boy has turned into in just under a year. He's still a bit jumpy sometimes and runs far, far away if he feels threatened, but mostly he's always hanging around somewhere near the house now. He's a Good Boy.

Today's first problem. I can't reach my coffee because a small man has fallen asleep on my leg and I'm pretty sure it's illegal to move now.

This is a thing that Google Photos just goes ahead and generates automatically for people. I did not initiate this in any way, I just received a notification that it was my responsibility to deal with now.

Listening to the soundtrack is critical to appreciating this piece of art.

If I ever open a brewery it'll be named "Helpful Cat" and a picture of this boy will be on the label, casually pushing a bottle off a shelf.

Currently trying to get some work done in the front yard, but this boy keeps distracting me with his need for pats.

Please enjoy this video of a very special boy trying repeatedly to eat a flower.

Phiz has decided this little house belongs to her now, so I made some tiny window boxes to grow catmint in. She's the only we have that loves the stuff.

Victory! Got Meech into a cage and down to the vet first thing. He was expecting breakfast and I just picked him up and dumped him in the box immediately.

Thanks to the vet, who let me come in right after they opened and sit patiently until they had a few minutes to deal with us, even though it was an hour before the appointment time.

I love Meech, our rescued feral cat, but god damn he can be a right pain in the arse. He missed a vet appointment last week by just making himself scarce all day. We rescheduled for this morning, knowing he'd be around for breakfast and he hid INSIDE THE HOUSE while I had a shower.

We finally found him, got him out from his hiding place 5 minutes before his appointment - and he ran for the cat door, shoved aside the barricade we'd built effortlessly, and jumped over the back fence.

The one time I want a to walk across something I'm working on (load testing), and of course he refuses to co-operate.

Meech obviously missed out on a lot of lessons during his feral years. He's picking up a lot of things now, but is still yet to master how to sit like a cat. We find him like this quite often.

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