Meech is all worn out from a hard day of napping on my bed. Poor little guy.

I was going to go out and do some shopping this evening but Meech was in the mood to watch TV with me so I stayed in.

I don't know how to break it to Meech that I'm going to mow this on the weekend (weather permitting).

Meech has now set the tone for today and I hope I can live up to his example.

Meech is still a feral cat. He's a massive sook, but he's got huge trust issues still.

Here you see both of us walking into the back yard at the same time. He's happy, does a little roll on his back - but I go to pat him and he just jumps. Sometimes he accepts belly rubs, though. He have not once scratched or bitten me.

Today he doesn't go far, and then accepts an invitation inside for some breakfast.

Right now he's fed and asleep on my bed curled up against one of my jackets.

How tired must a cat be for you to look at him and think, "Damn you look really tired"?

Well I don't know what he did with his day, but that's how tired Meech was when he came in about lunchtime, ate about half the food I offered him, and fell over on my bed. Hasn't moved for four hours now.

Meech has been on the couch in this spot since 6am when he came inside, very damp, and politely requested some breakfast.

He has no idea the sun is out right now and I don't intend to open the curtains to inform him.

I offered Meech some breakfast but he claims to be pretty happy where he is and does not wish to attend the kitchen at this time.

It's sunny and warm outside but the call of Blankie was too great to ignore for Meech.

Finally rearranged a bunch of stuff in the backyard, allowing me to get Meech's house up onto its concrete slab under the tree. Need to plant some more stuff around it to really keep it sheltered and cool, but tonight's dinner was served on the patio and Meech seemed happy enough with the arrangement.

@plants at one point previously when I posted progress pics, someone requested that I get Meech back to the cornfield for a comparison shot as he loved rolling around in it when I was trying to get it established.

Today he lounged about in the grass nearby for the first time in ages, and I got a picture!

This is 10 weeks of growth.

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Meech bravely left the couch easier to go outside, just in time for it to start hailing.

The sun has come out again but he's back on the couch watching TV with me now.

One day I'm going to have to get rid of this roll of old carpet and I hope Meech forgives me.

A damp boy has come in and decided that watching some TV with me is better than being outside right now.

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