Tiny feral kitten update: it's her shed now. She's also prepared to go back to sleep if she wakes up and notices me. Still edgy if I get too close, but if I keep to the correct distance, we're fine.

Kitten update: it's a dusty spot she's found, but there's a nice breeze blowing through there and it's significantly cooler there than outside. She found the new, better spot I put her water bowl in too. She looks almost relaxed and didn't even twitch when I came to say hello.

Kitten update: she has found a reliable way up onto the shed roof and has claimed it as her own.

The boy is having a tough day, lots on the schedule to deal get through before quitting time.

Most of my photos of Meech feature him sleeping, because he's adorable when he does that, and he does it a lot - but here he is having a drink.

This is at the grave of my previous cat, Mojo. He had so much access to fresh water, but he only wanted to drink from an old birdbath dish full of algae and rainwater. That dish is now part of his memorial site, also home to a flourishing catmint plantation, in the shade of a young loquat tree.

Nice to see Meech continuing the tradition.

Looks like there's a good chance that Meech will accept the new location for his house when I move it.

Meech has been supervising. He's generally approved of my decisions today.

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For no reason, here's a picture of Meech, sleeping in the garden yesterday.

Here's Meech enjoying his house in its current location (gratuitous cat pic).

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Meech recently learned that I don't use the couch during the day and has decided to lay claim to it between the hours of breakfast and dinner o'clock

"Cat v panel heater: Which is better?"

I think a few of you out there might find this information helpful for future planning.


Here is the fluffy belly in question. How am I meant to sit down and think about computers when this boy is around?

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Shout out to Meech, who went back to bed after having his breakfast today, and didn't get up again until dinnertime. A true inspiration in these trying times.

Fluffy boy has decided I've done enough work for today (it is 9:30am).

I nearly got out of bed an hour ago but Meech had other ideas and trapped me.

I now have 50 days of cat food in the freezer. I've told Meech he'll be fine, and that he can relax. He seems to have taken my advice on board.

Meech had a big breakfast and now the poor boy is all worn out. Thoughts and prayers please.

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