Victory! Got Meech into a cage and down to the vet first thing. He was expecting breakfast and I just picked him up and dumped him in the box immediately.

Thanks to the vet, who let me come in right after they opened and sit patiently until they had a few minutes to deal with us, even though it was an hour before the appointment time.

I love Meech, our rescued feral cat, but god damn he can be a right pain in the arse. He missed a vet appointment last week by just making himself scarce all day. We rescheduled for this morning, knowing he'd be around for breakfast and he hid INSIDE THE HOUSE while I had a shower.

We finally found him, got him out from his hiding place 5 minutes before his appointment - and he ran for the cat door, shoved aside the barricade we'd built effortlessly, and jumped over the back fence.

The one time I want a to walk across something I'm working on (load testing), and of course he refuses to co-operate.

Meech obviously missed out on a lot of lessons during his feral years. He's picking up a lot of things now, but is still yet to master how to sit like a cat. We find him like this quite often.

I don't post about Meech enough.

Meech was a feral cat who discovered how to get into our house and started eating the other cats' food. He hissed at us and ran whenever he saw a human.

We eventually gave up and assigned him a bowl of his own outside. Shortly after that he discovered how good pats on the head and ear scratches were.

A few months later, he has his very own red blankie and has totally learned how to cat. I have no idea how he managed before he found us.

How am I supposed to get things done when this charming young gentleman is around?

I was about to go out when suddenly a small jumped onto my shoulder and went to sleep on me. Now I'm trapped forever I guess.

This boy has no idea that he's going to the vet for the first time ever today. I hope he doesn't freak out.

Not that long ago, Meech was a feral cat who hissed and ran off when he saw us, but crept into the house to steal food at night.

Now he naps on a couch and has learnt to purr. Turns out he's a really sweet boy.

Pi is still a bit too hot. Or maybe catching up on being unable to nap yesterday.

Phizzy, just moments after sticking her face into the catmint patch.

Can you spot the hidden in this photo? If you can, please don't tell him. He thinks he's really good at hiding.

One thing I'd totally forgotten about after a decade or more of exclusively using LCD screens, is that CRTs get warm during use.

Mojo, the best boy in the world, left us this morning after purring non-stop for 15 years. He was a proud and dignified old man so in his memory here's a photo I took of him with a tea towel on his head.

This is Mojo and he's my big, old, dumb, fluffy boy and he's having a bit of trouble walking today and I'm helping as best I can and the purring is loud enough to rattle the windows.

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