Dinner tonight will feature this fantastic-looking pumpkin I grew in the back yard. Not sure yet if I want to just straight up roast it or do something a little more special.

The rainbow lorikeets are back and "harvesting" my apples for me. Next weekend is going to have to be the big cider-making day or I'm going to lose the race. They've started at the top of the tree, I'm going to come in from the bottom and we'll meet somewhere in the middle.

When you decide to just let the pumpkins growing out of the compost pile go wild over the back fence. @plants

Another branch on the apple tree broke under the weight of the fruit, so I had to prune it back. I'm not surprised it happened.

Hahaha, another branch of the apple tree has snapped under the weight of the fruit. My plan to prune it back hard after this season is looking easier and easier all the time.

Guess it might be another apple crushing weekend.

First test run in the press went pretty well. I feel I have a technique down now.

For this batch I used just the fruit from one branch of the apple tree that collapsed under the weight of the fruit a while back, but was just hanging on by enough that the fruit was still growing. I can cut it all back now without wasting anything.

We're a few weeks away from the ideal harvesting time I think, but I got a bit over 2 litres of fresh juice from my efforts!

Rainbow lorikeets are in my apple tree, eating my apples already. Might have to defensively harvest in a week or so. It's ok while they're at the topmost ones, I'll never get to those anyway, but that won't satisfy them for long.

Cornfield update!

The corn stalks are all huge, and have recognisable ears of corn on them, growing well and swelling up nicely. Tiny pumpkin buds are appearing down below, which I need to investigate if I need to hand-pollinate to make sure they mature. Not many male flowers on there right now at all. Could be tricky.

Beans! Green beans are growing happily too, looking delicious already. Looks like there's going to be a huge crop of them if nothing else.


Let's have some more updates! It's not just corn, of course - my "three sisters" patch is literally in full bloom now. As well as the first ears of corn appearing, I have flowers on the beanstalks and my first pumpkin flower too!

Due to the corn maturing at incredibly different rates, I've been out there hand-pollinating the corn each morning. I have three stalks with various sized ears now, all starting to grow nicely.


Small update, everything is growing well. One stalk is starting to show signs of maturity, and the pumpkin leaves are getting huge. Beans are throwing themselves all over the place, having a great time.

I also impulse purchased some cucumber seedlings without any idea where I was going to plant them, so I've put a trellis up at the back and will try growing them up on that. Didn't have anywhere else to put them really.

My baby tree, about a year ago and yesterday. It's grown so much! I had to put it in a bigger pot this year, maybe next spring it'll be time to pick a permanent spot and put it in the ground.

Realised it's been a while since a update. My little cornfield is well established now. Tallest stalk is up to about waist height.

The two pumpkins are spreading out nicely and providing great ground cover and stopping the ground from drying out in direct sun.

Most of the beans have got started wrapping around some corn, but they're getting a bit ahead of some of the smaller stalks. Maybe should have waited a week or two longer on planting those.

Cornfield update!

I have 8 pretty well established stalks now, although one at the back is by far the overachiever of the group. It's shot up much faster than the rest and is significantly broader.

Every stalk has a bean that's popped up, ready to wrap around it and race to the sun. The two pumpkins also seem happily established and are putting out some bigger leaves now, so the co-planting experiment is a go.

My midgem berry hedge arrived! Obviously quite a way to go before I even consider planting it in the right place, but I've got them all potted now and I'll see how they go in a nice sunny spot for a while.

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