I had planned to pull down and rebuild this garden bed this year, but the leftover scraggly bits of silverbeet have spring back to life, burdened with glorious purpose. There are also a couple of really healthy looking garlic shoots in there and I apparently missed some potatoes. I think I'll leave it alone, something's obviously going right.

A hell of a lot of apples fell off the tree into this thing, maybe that's the secret. :awesome:


The first dozen corn seedlings are in the ground! I have a bunch more sprouting a week or so behind these, in case any fail and I need to fill gaps in the nice grid, heh. I was worried they wouldn't have had time to build up enough of a root system in the tray but these little champs went crazy.

Popped the first pumpkin in there too. Fingers crossed!

Let's see how they like their forever homes. @plants

Cornfield 2.0, now with basic irrigation! It's not totally how I want it yet but it'll do for now until I pick up some more hose and connectors. At least I can get the corn seedlings down and not worry about the ground drying out on a hot day.

Now to finish digging it up and get some compost down.

My corn seedlings are going nuts, I thought I'd have another week or so before I had to think about planting them but they'll hit the lid of the tray soon.

Guess I've got some digging to do tomorrow!

I have second generation corn growing from kernels I saved from the last crop!

Stepped up the sophistication of my seedling nursery. I think I've got a couple of Lilly Pilly seeds breaking through already.

Doing some post-winter clearing up in the garden patch down the back and discovered a secret spherical cucumber hiding in the weeds

Looks like it's not completely ripe. I'll give it a week in some sunlight and see how it goes.


Making an attempt to change my nectarine tree's mind about growing into my neighbour's new guttering.

Dinner tonight will feature this fantastic-looking pumpkin I grew in the back yard. Not sure yet if I want to just straight up roast it or do something a little more special.

The rainbow lorikeets are back and "harvesting" my apples for me. Next weekend is going to have to be the big cider-making day or I'm going to lose the race. They've started at the top of the tree, I'm going to come in from the bottom and we'll meet somewhere in the middle.

When you decide to just let the pumpkins growing out of the compost pile go wild over the back fence. @plants

Another branch on the apple tree broke under the weight of the fruit, so I had to prune it back. I'm not surprised it happened.

Hahaha, another branch of the apple tree has snapped under the weight of the fruit. My plan to prune it back hard after this season is looking easier and easier all the time.

Guess it might be another apple crushing weekend.

First test run in the press went pretty well. I feel I have a technique down now.

For this batch I used just the fruit from one branch of the apple tree that collapsed under the weight of the fruit a while back, but was just hanging on by enough that the fruit was still growing. I can cut it all back now without wasting anything.

We're a few weeks away from the ideal harvesting time I think, but I got a bit over 2 litres of fresh juice from my efforts!

Rainbow lorikeets are in my apple tree, eating my apples already. Might have to defensively harvest in a week or so. It's ok while they're at the topmost ones, I'll never get to those anyway, but that won't satisfy them for long.

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