Let's have some more updates! It's not just corn, of course - my "three sisters" patch is literally in full bloom now. As well as the first ears of corn appearing, I have flowers on the beanstalks and my first pumpkin flower too!

Due to the corn maturing at incredibly different rates, I've been out there hand-pollinating the corn each morning. I have three stalks with various sized ears now, all starting to grow nicely.


Small update, everything is growing well. One stalk is starting to show signs of maturity, and the pumpkin leaves are getting huge. Beans are throwing themselves all over the place, having a great time.

I also impulse purchased some cucumber seedlings without any idea where I was going to plant them, so I've put a trellis up at the back and will try growing them up on that. Didn't have anywhere else to put them really.

My baby tree, about a year ago and yesterday. It's grown so much! I had to put it in a bigger pot this year, maybe next spring it'll be time to pick a permanent spot and put it in the ground.

Realised it's been a while since a update. My little cornfield is well established now. Tallest stalk is up to about waist height.

The two pumpkins are spreading out nicely and providing great ground cover and stopping the ground from drying out in direct sun.

Most of the beans have got started wrapping around some corn, but they're getting a bit ahead of some of the smaller stalks. Maybe should have waited a week or two longer on planting those.

Cornfield update!

I have 8 pretty well established stalks now, although one at the back is by far the overachiever of the group. It's shot up much faster than the rest and is significantly broader.

Every stalk has a bean that's popped up, ready to wrap around it and race to the sun. The two pumpkins also seem happily established and are putting out some bigger leaves now, so the co-planting experiment is a go.

My midgem berry hedge arrived! Obviously quite a way to go before I even consider planting it in the right place, but I've got them all potted now and I'll see how they go in a nice sunny spot for a while.

Tiny cornfield update! A couple of the cornstalks are looking substantial and starting to grow rapidly. 2-3 of them seem to have failed but there's no real indication as to why.

I planted a companion bean at the base of each stalk, and most of them have sprouted, I guess they now just get more wrapped up as they get taller.

Two butternut pumpkins have been planted in the middle of the cornfield too, and they're starting to grow out too.

Wow, some capsicum seeds I swear I started trying to germinate about a month ago have finally started to sprout. Just as I was about to dump them, too.

Now to figure out where to pot them because I filled the seedling tray with carrots yesterday, assuming I had nothing else to put in there.

Maybe I need to run down to Bunnings at lunchtime and get another couple of those cheap trays because the one I've been using is great.

Relevant to my interests: abc.net.au/news/2020-11-12/aus

I really want to have a lot more native foods in my yard, I can probably get started on that as I make more space available out back. Daisy yams and Warrigal greens are pretty high on the wish list, and should do OK in my area.

Tiny cornfield! 🌽

Still got a bit of work to do around the edges to stop the grass from invading before things get established, and I don't want to put the pumpkin seedlings in there until they're a little more mature.

But there are 12 plants in the ground now, so the experiment is on!

Hooray, got my simple tap timer set up again and working how I wanted it, just in time for it to rain for a week straight.

I finally finished writing up the build of my new and improved wicking bed setup for my veggie gardening.

You can just read it here with no ads or other bullshit: bremensaki.com/2020/10/14/buil

If you know people who tend to read stuff on Medium, you can throw them this link:

If you want to follow my exceptionally sporadic blog posts here on the fedi, follow @mike

You can also ignore me completely! :awesome:


For some reason, just as everything was dying back in autumn, one of my tomato plants suddenly kicked up again and put out fresh leaves and even started flowering.

Now, in the middle of winter, I've got a single ripe cherry tomato. It's going in an omelette today.

Is anyone in the fediverse or world able to give me a positive ID on this little friend so I can get it into a pot that's the right size for future growth?

Just after I'd decided to pull it out and replace it with a blueberry seedling, one of my chilli plants that hasn't fruited for about 3 years has put out buds.

Obviously, I should threaten my plants more often.

Anyone up for some plant ID? When I slashed back a garden bed to nothing, this kept sprouting back again and again. Eventually I dug up a pretty substantial chunk of root that it was growing back from and chucked that in a pot.

That was a little over a month ago and it's bloody huge now. I thought it might be a white poinsettia at first but the flowers seem too small and the leaves aren't quite right either.

I really wanted to just stop for a quick nap, but remembered I really had to finish reworking my garden sprinkler system before tomorrow, or watch as my tomatoes get torched.

See, when I chose the location for their garden bed, there was a big nectarine tree providing cover for the harsh midday period. Whoops, the wind took that down a while back.

Now they're too established to risk moving I thing, and just starting to show some flowers too.

It's going to be a bit of a battle.

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