For some reason, just as everything was dying back in autumn, one of my tomato plants suddenly kicked up again and put out fresh leaves and even started flowering.

Now, in the middle of winter, I've got a single ripe cherry tomato. It's going in an omelette today.

Is anyone in the fediverse or world able to give me a positive ID on this little friend so I can get it into a pot that's the right size for future growth?

Just after I'd decided to pull it out and replace it with a blueberry seedling, one of my chilli plants that hasn't fruited for about 3 years has put out buds.

Obviously, I should threaten my plants more often.

Anyone up for some plant ID? When I slashed back a garden bed to nothing, this kept sprouting back again and again. Eventually I dug up a pretty substantial chunk of root that it was growing back from and chucked that in a pot.

That was a little over a month ago and it's bloody huge now. I thought it might be a white poinsettia at first but the flowers seem too small and the leaves aren't quite right either.

I really wanted to just stop for a quick nap, but remembered I really had to finish reworking my garden sprinkler system before tomorrow, or watch as my tomatoes get torched.

See, when I chose the location for their garden bed, there was a big nectarine tree providing cover for the harsh midday period. Whoops, the wind took that down a while back.

Now they're too established to risk moving I thing, and just starting to show some flowers too.

It's going to be a bit of a battle.

Finally came to terms with the loss of the nectarine crop this year, and reached the final stage of grieving: power tools.

What amazed me is how little living trunk was left supporting so much tree. It's not really a surprise that it fell down, it's a surprise it took so long.

I think I'm going to have to write off any hope of nectarines this year.

Oh no! A huge bit of the nectarine tree has fallen down in the wind. I was going to cut it back massively soon, but I kinda wanted to get the fruit off it first.

I wonder if there's enough hanging on that I'll get away with strapping the branch back up for a month or so.

Turns out my garden bed's "it's only held in place with two screws for easy removal" feature is not a very good one. I've rammed some stakes in as reinforcement as the lower plank was not handling the pressure of the water reservoir very well.

Kinda saw this coming, thought I'd get away with it. It's an easy enough modification.

I wrote up the build in a bit more detail on my blog. Please enjoy my half-assed construction skills!

Here's my finished wicking bed, with plenty for my future beans to climb on. All I need to do now is consume more than $75 worth of beans this summer and I'll be ahead!

I've done a ton of reading about wicking beds over the last week, and I think I've now got enough grasp on the theory of how they work to go to Bunnings and start improvising.

Going to do this on the cheap and reuse anything already lying about as much as possible for this first experimental bed. I fully expect to fuck things up at some point, so the lower the stakes and the investment, the better I'll feel when something goes wrong.

It's been so long since I've seen a sunny Saturday morning, I'd almost forgotten what they were.

Got so damn much done outside, finally. Built my little planter box for my future bean crop, put up the small boxes for my strawberries, and the lattice up for the beans to grow on.

Both the nectarine tree and the orange tree seem to be under the impression that it's . They may be onto something.

Please meet one of my favorite YouTubers, Rob.

Rob Bob's Backyard Farm videos have a ton of info on and back yard farming in general, but he also has one of the most calming personalities I've ever encountered.

I can listen to him explain things to me forever. The linked video is building a DIY aquaponics bed, he has a vast amount of other content. It's all informative and relaxing.

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