Had a reasonably productive afternoon in the getting Wicking Bed 2.0 started.

Here's the last one: bremensaki.com/2019/08/27/buil

I have to say, I did NOT deliberately set out to do this a year to the day after that blog post. I guess it just says something about suitable weather?

Anyway, the old one is completely dismantled now, and I recovered almost everything I used. Sand, soil, all still good and kept separate by some weed matting. Thanks, Past Mike!

My is currently very confused, and in the middle of winter I have two oranges ripening and my blueberry is flowering.

Anyone up for some plant ID? When I slashed back a garden bed to nothing, this kept sprouting back again and again. Eventually I dug up a pretty substantial chunk of root that it was growing back from and chucked that in a pot.

That was a little over a month ago and it's bloody huge now. I thought it might be a white poinsettia at first but the flowers seem too small and the leaves aren't quite right either.

Absolute carnage in the last night as the storm knocked all but two buds off of the blood orange tree. 😢

Bean update: getting their bean on. My improvised wicking bed is shockingly working well. Bit over 30 degrees today and the soil is still nice and moist all through.

A I deliberately planted, fertilised and cared for, vs a tomato that seems to have suddenly appeared in a patch of random soil I casually raked over on the same day I planted the other one and have been walking over constantly since.

If the amount of blossoms on the tree is anything to go by, there will be a lot of apples this year. However, based on past experience, it's not anything to go by.

The pear tree seems pretty happy, too. Lots of leaves and fresh growth. It's very young, but still had a few flowers. Might get a pear if I'm really lucky.

Found an apple seedling that'd sprouted out of an apple that fell on the ground out back last season. Transferred it to a little pot, let's see how it goes!

Cleared a section of the back today, and installed the new bed to where it's spending the next few months. Just need to fill it now, and start planting.

Might build a bit of a shade structure tomorrow. This bit can cop some serious sun in the peak of summer. Nearly lost that small avocado tree once to sunburn.

Was weeding the and suddenly discovered my failed attempt to grow spring onions a while back didn't fail as much as I thought.

Had a reasonably productive morning, knocking down old crap to recover timber for some beds up the back. Been thinking of my grandfather a lot, who was always doing stuff like this and could always produce a suitable bit of wood for any project from his immense stash.

A few new things for the arrived today! Some planting may happen this weekend if I get a bit of time.

My tiny tree seedling survived its first winter and is starting to wake up!

I wrote up the build in a bit more detail on my blog. Please enjoy my half-assed construction skills!


I've done a ton of reading about wicking beds over the last week, and I think I've now got enough grasp on the theory of how they work to go to Bunnings and start improvising.

Going to do this on the cheap and reuse anything already lying about as much as possible for this first experimental bed. I fully expect to fuck things up at some point, so the lower the stakes and the investment, the better I'll feel when something goes wrong.

Finally receiving confirmation that the and the survived winter in their pots. Now I need to figure out where in the to plant them out.

Both the nectarine tree and the orange tree seem to be under the impression that it's . They may be onto something.

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