The point to setting up the this evening was to stress test the 1541 after putting a new power supply in it. I used the to write D64 images back out to physical floppy disks and then started up a bunch of stuff from them.

Worked great! I can turn disks into images and back again easily now.

Some pretty dedicated nerdery going on here this evening. Probably should order a pizza at some point.

Really hard to get a good photo, but all the bits of my work in its hacked together form! Now I just need to get it all into a case or on a single board or something.

New toy day! Totally going to write the shit out of some 8k ROMs now! My own DIY cartridges are not far off.

Oh wow, I'm going to have to have one of these. I hope they don't cost a million dollars.

This little hacked-together setup ran off its fully-charged battery pack for about 2 hours or so last night, that's with screen on and running a demo in Vice the whole time.

I'm happy with that.

I've been watching the development update posts on Twitter for this for a while, and finally got to play it on a real this evening:

Great new little shooter game. Treat yourself to it.

Did a little fooling around with my box. Roughed out screen location with a cardboard panel, and threw in some battery charging controller bits I had in a drawer. Charges on USB for now but I have a tiny 5v PSU on the way to go in there.

Finally got my little screen and some time to play. My is alive ... albeit loosely mounted in the case.

Need to get the Dremel out and make some holes now!

Anyone interested in a SX mini? Just got this little case and looks like it'll be the perfect size. Waiting on a better screen to be delivered now and I'll start playing. Plenty of space for a battery pack too!

OK this is neat:

Vice emulator for the Raspberry Pi running on bare metal, no Linux layer to slow things down.

I got a bunch of old Datasettes a while back and one of them had the plug cut off for unknown reasons. So I'm playing. 😁

I'm not reading sensible data yet (need parts), but I have control of the motor and button sense lines.

I thought it was important that my modem flash some LEDs on startup. I haven't really added anything to the firmware to use these yet but I'm thinking wifi signal strength for a start.

Made a third (dismantled the first) prototype modem unit to try some ideas out. Main change is bringing all the pins to a header and running a cable to the edge connector to make case mounting more flexible.

My parts arrived and I kinda had to immediately assemble the wifi modem of my dreams.

It works, and so does my firmware build environment! Time to get hacking ...

My cut down has one row and one column of the matrix hooked up and I can type "1" on it as much as I want. This is probably the last time I'll let anyone see the back of this, heh

I wanted an easy way to tell my real apart from my emulated in a genuine case, so a quick LED swap seemed to be the easiest course of action. Looks nice!

I was looking forward to my "new" Datasette units arriving soon so I could start cleaning up and testing them - and just realised I have no tapes to test them with. Not even blank ones I can save some simple stuff on.

This may be the first time I've tried to buy a cassette in the entire 21st century.

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