Making a soda bread for some variety. Never done one before, don't know why. Just never got around to it.

I whimsically decided to take my sourdough dinner roll recipe and just whack it in a loaf tin instead of dividing it up and I think I'm on to something here.

I have a good feeling about today's bread which is about 20 minutes away from coming out of the oven.

I haven't done much lately as the loaves weren't changing much and it took me a while to dial in the banneton basket and get reliable clean separation. Anyways here's today's bread. It smells great.

I want to make bread tonight, given that I have none, but Brian is doing the starter equivalent of pulling the doona over his head and ignoring me, despite two good feeds.

So I've chucked some regular yeast in the dough with him. Fuck you Brian. You have one job.

Did some procrastination baking. I don't think I really needed 16 bread rolls for any specific purpose, but here we are ...

I baked rolls last night just so I could have a bacon and egg roll for lunch today, and it's now time to claim my reward.

Here's one for the crew, I think we could all benefit from the amazing medicinal qualities of this bread right now.

I needed buns for some hamburgers this week, so I did my dinner roll recipe, but didn't confine it to the cast iron skillet.

Maybe it would have been a little better if I'd had them on a tray that was a better fit, so the side ones didn't split on top. Oh well, they smell great and I went to the effort of doing an egg wash for a change.

I bought a bunch of cheap burger patties on special, and as I've now apparently committed myself to eating eight hamburgers this week, I guess I'd better bake some buns.

I shaped a loaf of sourdough yesterday morning, and left it to rise during the day. I intended to bake it around dinnertime but completely forgot. Now I have a blob of dough that's been doing its thing for about 36 hours all up. It's very puffy but I have a feeling it's going to collapse hard when I transfer it to the dutch oven.

Stay tuned for either a "wow, this turned out surprisingly well" or a "hahah look how fucked up this is" post.

For lunch today I toasted some sesame seeds to make tahini, then I used that to make hommus, then I made Turkish bread.

Then I ate it.

I think I got my basic rolls as close to perfect as I'm going to get. Used a tangzhong to kick the hydration up, plus water I'd cooked potatoes in, and an egg wash on top. Results are fantastic.

I just made my first using a tangzhong and I can't believe it took me so long, what a difference. Some pretty good hot cross bun pictures are going to be coming shortly.

So here's the experimental - used a 3:2 ratio of plain to wholemeal flour, plus the water from cooking potatoes yesterday. Was hoping for a bit more of a rise, but the crumb is excellent and it tastes great.

Dinner rolls look totally ready to go into the oven. I have a good feeling about this batch.

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