I want something that makes me happy like an algae-covered rock makes this little catfish happy.

Urgh a small plug on one of the filters has broken while I was cleaning it, so now I can't turn it on unless I want to flood the room.

I've found a local place where I can get a replacement ... but of course tomorrow is one of the stupidly rare days when I actually need to go into the office!

Sorry fishies, just hang in there until Friday. At least the heater and the air pump are fine, I don't think it'll be an issue.

New friends for the arrive tomorrow! I can't wait to meet them. Then they get to have a little quarantine in a little hotel tank, just like everyone else has to go through, before they meet the rest of the family.

We have a really pretty male Emperor Tetra in the tank at the moment. He's very photogenic, and very busy. Please excuse the loose floating leaf at the end of this video.

I am utterly convinced at this point that Fry, the fish we've been referring to as a guppy since we discovered her as a mysterious dot in our tank about a year ago, is actually a rainbowfish.

I moved all our tetras to their new tank, and I was worried they might be a bit stressed about the big change. I think this will help.

Please enjoy this video of a Mystery named Dingus poking his little siphon up out of the water to take a breath!

I love these little snails: fishkeepingworld.com/mystery-s

I don't know why it makes me so happy to watch snails crawl across rocks, going on little adventures, but it really does.

I need to have the power off at home for a whole day next Friday, and I'm already worried about my friends.

I hope it's a nice, warm day so the water temperature doesn't drop too much.

New friends today! Two platys in the big tank with Mr Fish, and a tiny catfish in the tiny tank to help with cleanup of some tiny scraps.

Fry, our baby , is living in our backup tank right now until she gets big enough to not get accidentally swallowed by another in the main . We've had an ongoing issue with that tank though, and the water pH keeps creeping up no matter what we do.

In a "well we've tried everything else" guess, I completely replaced all the gravel today, so Fry got to have a brief adventure in a bucket.

I chose black gravel because she seems like a bit of a goth kid to me.

I started logging and graphing my conditions but unfortunately the conditions have been annoyingly consistent for the last 24 hours or so so it's really dull to look at.

The monitor has a startup sequence now. I have vague plans to use animated fish behaviour, like blowing bubbles or something, to indicate things like successfully obtaining an IP address or syncing with a NTP server.

I have to do SOMETHING until my pH probe arrives ...

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I've been adding very important features to my monitoring setup tonight.

First steps toward constant monitoring of our conditions! Ambient and water temperature readout, will soon start logging this and making sweet graphs.

Mr Fish is a highly tuned and efficient machine for turning food into swimming.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a small dot swimming in our big fish tank. Really tiny, but moving in a very like way. Turns out it was a baby who'd somehow managed to not get eaten or sucked into the filter in the two weeks since we'd brought home some new plants (and her, apparently) from the .

I moved her to a smaller, safer tank and now she's finally big enough to get some photos of. This is Fry.

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