Like, I 100 percent know what they are going for here, but also lol

If there are multiple options for getting somewhere, and one of them is a boat, I'm getting on the fucking boat.

My Brisbane home for the next couple of days! Hello!

Here ends the thread!

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Yes, Wagga Wagga, this is an acceptable place to have lunch. Thank you.

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Stretching my legs and treating myself to an ice cream in Gerogery, I'm in NSW!

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Can't believe Chinwag has missed out on the covered "Premier Australian Mastodon Instance" award for the fifth year running! Congratulations,, it's always an honour just to be nominated.

Also very compact, this cut-down subset of the secondary battery system I had in Gunter will keep me perfectly amused if needed for a couple of days or nights off-grid.

A few USB 5v sockets and one USB-C PD for the laptop. 😁

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Packed to camp, but not to hike. In this pack is a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, 2m square tarp, 4L of water containers, water filtration, a small stool, a solar phone charger, clean socks, and a towel.

Should be able to have a comfy night pretty much anywhere if needed!

Looks like the weather is starting to warm up at last, but I'm going to miss finding Meech asleep in the lounge room each morning like I do in winter.

He's so much more at ease outdoors though. He's still a feral boy at heart.

Looking at photos from last year and I really do need to get back out to the Oodnadatta Track area. I just got to dip my toe into the place before I needed to fang it back to Melbourne and I was not done at all.

This picture has been my desktop background since I took it and it's staying there until I get back and take a better one!

Hi folks! I seemed to be following old addresses for these myself, so let's assume we're starting from scratch!

If you have joined recently and like and related content, why not follow:
@trains and @austrains ?

If you follow them, and tag them when , your content will be distributed to all like-minded people!

Here's a start, pics I took of some old Ghan remnants last year in the vicinity of Lake Eyre!

Meech talked me into serving Second Breakfast today. I think he knows I'm about to vanish for a week and is leveraging that to manipulate me because he knows I'll miss him.

Joke's on him. He's gonna miss me too.

It is cold enough this morning that Meech has come indoors and set up shop in his Winter Chair.

My car is "only" 10 years old, but it's pretty staggering how obsolete the 6-disc CD player was in this day and age.

It supported Bluetooth, and the car had a USB port but it was power-only and not connected to the AV system. A really curious point in tech history, all things considered. On the cusp of many changes, and supporting nothing very well.

Anyway, I've slapped a cheap off-brand Android unit in it now, and it's much better! My chances of finding Brisbane next week look good!

I am a genius because I have figured out the perfect way to explain the concept of "non-binary" to mainstream Australians.

Which of the two Englishes do you speak?

Loquats from MY TREE, grown from a seed! I've been waiting 7 years for this moment!

Last night @ThermiteBeGiants handed me a mystery keyboard, and I've just popped it open for a quick look.

Anyone got tips on how to safely dump and preserve the contents of a 68705 microcontroller?

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