Not denying there's some nostalgia here, but I don't really miss this era of design.

It's been a huge day for Meech, he's slept in four different places so far and it's not even lunchtime yet.

Wow, if only someone had foreseen this possibility and said something earlier so legislation protecting this data could have existed from the outset.

Does my car need a small media server for tunes while I'm way off-grid? My audio tape styled SSD enclosure suggests that the answer is "yes".

My last (I think) piece of tech for the car came in. A little 4G wifi router, for the laptop and other stuff I'll have.

Was a bit tricky finding all the various things I needed in one unit - the right 4G band support, plus external antenna sockets, plus ethernet ports for connecting the car head unit ... but I got it.

Only thing I didn't get was one that took either 12v or 5v DC. It's 9v so I'm going to have to patch in a step down converter somewhere to power it permanently.

There is heavy rain and flooding all over the state, so congratulations to those mad contrarian bastards on Philip Island for pulling this off.

With a 25km travel limit, I can reach Kew, but beyond that it's just Far Kew.

Forgive me for this horrifying image but I don't want to be the only one in the world burdened with the knowledge of what my coworker's keyboard looks like.

I suspect this town was named the same way half the files on my computer got named. There's probably a Temp2 and a Temptemp just down the road.

First photo of Meech with the new phone. Just look at this little man. This is him coming into my office to politely remind me that it is dinner time.

Testing the new phone camera by showing you what's wrong with the old one!

First new phone for 3.5 years. I stretched my old Moto X4 a pretty long way but it's time to move on.

Hoping for another 3+ years out of this one!

Well, it still needs to be slept on to confirm it works, but the bed platform is now finalised. The big tent plus my fold up cot fit under it nicely with room for most of the bedding too.

Finally decided I was as happy as I was going to get with the layout of the back of the car, so today was the day to pull everything out so I could build a bit of a subfloor structure and put it all back in semi-permanently. Tidied up a lot of the backup battery wiring while I was at it.

Next to rebuild the supports for the bed base and then the final storage area for food and cooking equipment.

After a cold start to the day, Meech has finally judged the weather acceptable enough and has actually left his blankie for a bit. Just look at this giant sook.

After noticing Meech loved to lie in a spot on the carpet under one of the heating vents, I got him a little bed to lie on - which he ignored until I put one of my jumpers on it. Now he's been there all day.

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