It's really, really hard to get the colours to come out right in a photo, but I do really want to share this as it's finally possible to see what the goal looks like.

There's a long way to go still but damn it's really working.

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We did some promo pics on the weekend and they came up ok. Picking up all those balls after was annoying though. 😁

Promo for what, you say?

Quick update, because it's been a while. I've accepted that I have neither the time, skills or tools to get absolute perfection in the finish, so I will embrace all its flaws as part of its beauty.

First coat of colour is going on.

I wonder what someone said, haha. Why does anyone still have comments enabled on news sites anyway? When has it ever added value of any kind?

Last week when the massive storm hit, my gutters overflowed when everything backed up. I lifted up a cover in the driveway to find a massive wad of dirt and junk in the system which I've now removed. I really hope this was the entire problem and I don't need to go deeper.

Had a desire to listen to Divided by Night by The Crystal Method and didn't want to pick up a keyboard. Figured voice search must have come a long way by now.

Well apparently YouTube thinks it's smart to replace the words "divided by" with a slash in video search because obviously that's where you always go to do a quick calculation.

I guess I mumbled "night" a bit too.

I bet all those refugees in detention are kicking themselves that they never thought to just get their mums to go on Sunrise and point out that they're not criminals. Would have saved so much time.

Me, monitoring live engine stats on my phone while trying to diagnose a problem, and still trying to claim that I'm not "a car guy".

Either these bolts were very old and deteriorated, or WD-40 has had some big changes made to its formulation lately.

Gunter is now permanently equipped with Free Truck Driver Opinions.

Might as well break in the new TV with something light and optimistic, just to set the tone.

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Meech seems to appreciate the work I've done clearing the driveway this week. He just sat out there chilling for ages in the sun this morning.

I've somehow found myself at a Christmas lights event at a theme park and it's actually a pretty good night for it.

I've never made a Christmas pudding before, so of course I decided to go with a highly experimental fruit mix and mostly wing the proportions of everything for my first one. What could go wrong? It's not like there's a deadline right?

Convince me this says anything other than "big nostrils" or explain to me why it says "big nostrils".

I thought Meech was looking particularly adorable this morning.

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