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Baby tree update: loving , growing leaves like mad. I kind of want to name it Groot but I'm afraid that'd really give away how much of a tragic nerd I am. I mean, I've had you all fooled until now right?

A while back I chucked a couple of potatoes back where the bed is now, just to break up the soil a bit. Got some returns, but I think I'll just replant these when the bed is full.

Cleared a section of the back today, and installed the new bed to where it's spending the next few months. Just need to fill it now, and start planting.

Might build a bit of a shade structure tomorrow. This bit can cop some serious sun in the peak of summer. Nearly lost that small avocado tree once to sunburn.

Anyway, I totally made a thing. Going to line it with some plastic sheeting, chuck down some weed mat in the back, and maybe sling some potatoes or something in there.

Due to an accident with a zip lock bag a while ago, one of the most prolific weeds in one part of the garden is celery. I can't wait to try growing some on purpose and finding it impossible.

Was weeding the and suddenly discovered my failed attempt to grow spring onions a while back didn't fail as much as I thought.

See! I have slain the mighty agapanthus beast that dwelled beneath the nectarine tree. It will terrorise this land no more.

Also, my barrel looks like it's in pretty bad shape, can anyone recommend a good cooper?

Every day I check the mail excitedly to see if my RAM has arrived yet. Everything else has, so I'm eagerly awaiting final assembly day.

I think Frantic Dogpaddle may have had more album covers than songs. This is for a compilation I made at some point called "I Just Work Here". I was really into photographing small plastic toys at the time.

This is a tremendously accurate take on lots of comics that I've met, and it's amazingly telling that so many people in the Standup subreddit are taking it at face value.

Had a reasonably productive morning, knocking down old crap to recover timber for some beds up the back. Been thinking of my grandfather a lot, who was always doing stuff like this and could always produce a suitable bit of wood for any project from his immense stash.

Did a little keyboard cleaning. Here's a little bit of a before and after comparison.

Victory! Got Meech into a cage and down to the vet first thing. He was expecting breakfast and I just picked him up and dumped him in the box immediately.

Thanks to the vet, who let me come in right after they opened and sit patiently until they had a few minutes to deal with us, even though it was an hour before the appointment time.

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