This dumb little show we made keeps working and I'm so fucking happy.

Thanks to the brave souls who came to our first preview show of the Backyard Quiz! Thanks also to the best cast ever who have made a wild idea two blokes talked about over a few beers into a real thing that's happening.

I made a sign to promote our show. Isn't it a beaut?

The best thing about adopting the aesthetic of "things that were knocked up in a back yard" for your show is that anything you then knock up in your back yard for it is 100% on-brand.

Woohoo my cast schedule that I was so pleased about having complete a couple of weeks ago is now full of holes again! Honestly, I expected this to happen and I'm not unprepared but hey, time to make frantic phone calls to organise subs I guess!

Running my Pinecil off of solar power via an inverter (I have a 12v USB-PD socket ordered but it's still in transit) so I can work on the cabling for the solar panel setup. Solar soldering! Glad to know I'll be able to do electronics repairs on the road. :awesome:

This is pushing the nerdery pretty hard even for me, I think.

I now own 400 colourful plastic balls. Please subsidise my ball habit by buying tickets to my show. I will spend all the money on more balls.

I parked at the Melbourne Museum last night, and at least one of their payment machines is running a non-activated copy of Windows.

Spent any three hours (including setup and cleanup) with my apple smashing tools under the tree and have just shy of 10 litres of precious juice to show for it.

I have barely made a dent in the fruit still on the tree. I reckon if I can find a spare day when the weather's ok, I could fill the big fermenter.

My roof rack cage arrived, and it's now fitted - but I have realised I failed to check something that I really should have. I measured everything that was going to go in it before ordering one, except my big tent when it's packed in its bag.

It's 10cm too long to fit along an edge! There's a bit of squish in it, but not that much. It looks like it'll fit on the diagonal so it's that or have at least one end sticking out over the end.


Had some pine offcuts kicking around so I turned them into an investment opportunity.

Me: Despite the plague year and financial worries, my long desired trip to the northernmost point of Australia is finally going to happen in a few months! I have time off from work, I've prepared my vehicle and nothing can stop me now!

World: Yeah, about that ...

So me and my mate Damo have fulfilled a shared dream and built a quiz show of our very own, which will run as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

All we need now is some people to come and watch!

Type "Spark" into the search box, and it pops up some suggested completions for you.

Every one of these options returns zero results.

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Just a little light cabinetmaking today, and the back of my mobile living space is taking shape. The battery box is now contained in an outer box that I can mount outlets and stuff on, plus the solar controller and a switch to cut over to that.

Got a tiny subfloor area under the bed for stuff like tools that won't come out often. Fridge is behind the passenger seat and non perishable and kitchen stuff will be in a not yet constructed second cabinet in front of the battery.

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