Today's is the result of experimenting with techniques for pull apart, stuffed loaves. Onion, capsicum, silverbeet and cheese in this one.

Given how unhesitatingly this Rosella flew up and landed on my hand, I think it's possible we've met before.

The all-time greatest version of Wuthering Heights deserves more.

I find it difficult to fully describe how much joy there is to be found in just browsing AliExpress on a regular basis.

Found a copy of a letter, and now am remembering fondly that time in 2000 when, because rules, I had to formally re-apply for the job I was already doing.

Spoiler: I got the job.

It appears that I am not permitted to put the laundry away right now.

Great thing about working from home is you can suddenly decide to make pizza for lunch.

Why are the ocean levels rising up?

Happy 30th birthday, Flood. One of the albums I've listened to more than any other came out on January 15, 1990. Going to be adding a couple more plays to the pile today.

You might think something near us was on fire. It's not. We're hundreds of kilometres from anything burning. The Failwheel is 700m away from here according to the map.

Today I did cheese and pineapple rolls again to really get them dialled in well, plus some ham and cheese pizza rolls with a bit of tomato paste on top as well.

I have way too much bread in the house now. I guess I'm set for work lunches this week though.

It's getting really hard to keep up with all the new genres kids are listening to these days. The albums are pretty cheap though.

I'm going through the pantry and throwing out really old stuff. This is the current high score courtesy of a can of bean sprouts.

Today's experiments were all about incorporating cheese into bread.

It's always been a bit annoying that our local Baker's Delight used to do these great cheese and pineapple rolls, but then stopped. It seemed a bit random whether any particular one would have them.

Well I have now solved this problem and returned cheese and pineapple rolls to my life.

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