Beginning to wonder if my best option for a car sleeping base isn't a mattress but a beanbag type thing.

It'd save me needing to build a headrest kind of setup, and could be moved around and even used in my tent quite easily.

Sleeping in the car is only intended to be an occasional thing after all, if I just need to stop for a night somewhere and don't want to set up a tent in the dark.

I might get one for the camping trip in a few weeks and try it out.

I love AliExpress. I don't even have to buy anything, there's endless amusement in just seeing what it recommends to me.

Like a car lift for my driveway, only $9000 plus $6000 shipping, or for the gentleman on a budget how about a hookah hose attachment for a PS5 contoller?

I was gifted some neat old books today. Should keep me occupied for a few years. At this rate my understanding of computers might make it to the 1990s before I'm 100 years old.

Opened yet another very old box of stuff. Good memories, that was a fun weekend.

Starting to pay with some bits of cheap timber to define a layout and storage spaces in the back of the car.

It's much easier for me to work like this and figure things out than to try to draw diagrams. If I get something that works I may just get better quality stuff and do it all again.

The main constraint I've set on myself is I want both left and right sides to be independently stable, so I can have just one in there sometimes, but both when using it as a sleeping platform.

Signs indicate it's going to be a very, very bad day. RIP my morning coffee.

Meech bravely left the couch easier to go outside, just in time for it to start hailing.

The sun has come out again but he's back on the couch watching TV with me now.

Put up a shelf so my fern has a spot to live in the bathroom. I think it might actually be happy here, it's a bloody challenge trying to keep this thing healthy sometimes.

Amazing how a fiddly job that's been lying about partly done for days can be finished in a couple of minutes once you have the right tools.

(Yeah I just went out and bought the fucking jigsaw I've been needing for months.)

Let's have some more updates! It's not just corn, of course - my "three sisters" patch is literally in full bloom now. As well as the first ears of corn appearing, I have flowers on the beanstalks and my first pumpkin flower too!

Due to the corn maturing at incredibly different rates, I've been out there hand-pollinating the corn each morning. I have three stalks with various sized ears now, all starting to grow nicely.


Well, my new radiator just arrived. Looks good, all the bits seem to be in the right places and it's the right size.

Guess I need to take the front off my car this week sometime, then. What could possibly go wrong?

Can always count on The Guardian to give it to us straight.

I'm still using this pillow and have no plans to stop. Fight the power.

I had plans this afternoon to redo my irrigation stuff down the bottom of the garden, but Meech has gone to sleep on one of my long hoses and I'm pretty sure it'd be illegal to disturb him.

My brain just decided it was important to relive the memory of watching "Murder in Space" from 1985. It was An Event. They aired the thing without the ending and you had to work out who the murderer was and they showed the conclusion like, weeks later.

The whole damn movie is on the Youtubes. I think I may have to watch it.

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