I thought I'd made it past this stage of my career, but apparently not.

Coca-Cola Salad: The Next Generation 

This is a most excellent bundle and I can't wait to get it home and set up. It'll be over a week before I'm playing, though.

We have successful stage separation! It's a thing? Let's make it a thing.

Already seeing much clearer layer separation than last time!

I have further Coca-Cola Salad questions that need answering, so here we go again.

It's ok by me if you go ahead and use a bit of that inheritance to register your software, Colin.

The timezone information is hard-coded, but everything else is pulled out of thin air. The SD card reader works, so "all" I need to do is work out a way to get all the timezone information I need organised and in small enough pieces that I can very selectively read just the tiny bits of info that I want.

Yes that time is correct and I should go to bed.

The Mysterious Thing has lost its keyboard, but gained GPS and purpose.

I'm building a non-configurable clock that sets itself. I have an SD card slot that comes for the ride with the LCD panel, so I'm hoping to keep some kind of simple database on some removable storage to look up timezone and DST rules based on GPS detected location.

Look at this legendary comment! Definitely need to take another run at this.

I feel oddly proud of this praise generated for me by an algorithm. In a few hours you'll all be able to read my very readable words.

Food experiment 

In other news my personal arsenal now includes a hedge trimmer so watch out hedges of the world, I'm coming for you.

Turns out it's not that hard to bundle up your instance's PWA view and get it into the Play Store. No plan to publicly release this as yet, but might be an interesting option for promotion maybe.

Recently I saw a few people post a "salad" consisting of cream cheese and jello and coke, with WTF-ish commentary. I thought it just sounded like a cheesecake.

This weekend I'm going to get some answers.

Really liking the Mastodon single-column view in a detached window docked up against one side of the secondary screen. 👍

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