I think I can consider this batch a success. Everything turned out very well except the definition of the lines. I almost skipped that anyway, but I do like having some kind of pattern on top.

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Going into the office today. Outside is a strange place. He's a photo of the shockingly empty 8:30am train into the city. It's usually busier than this just on Sundays.

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If it ever transpires that there's a big run on Shapes or they change the recipe again, please be assured that I'm very close to deciphering their secrets.

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So here's the experimental - used a 3:2 ratio of plain to wholemeal flour, plus the water from cooking potatoes yesterday. Was hoping for a bit more of a rise, but the crumb is excellent and it tastes great.

A batch of these every week not only consumes my sourdough discard, but has become an essential part of maintaining my cast iron skillet. It effectively cleans anything still on the pan up nicely and I end up with a nice crust on the base of the rolls.

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Dinner rolls look totally ready to go into the oven. I have a good feeling about this batch.

Forgot to post this the other day, but I finished the second prototype for the little handheld game thing I'm working on. Instead of cramming it into a small board, I went large to allow room for hacks I might need later.

Hardware capabilities are now final; six controller buttons, speaker, 240x240 colour screen. I dropped the light sensor I was messing about with to include a battery level read instead, probably more useful.

Slowly hacking at software now.

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