It's Another Bloody Movie night!

Tonight we pretend we're going to the movies on Sunday, July 8 1973 and seeing Oklahoma Crude!

Official start at 7pm, there'll be something neat on the stream from 6pm (0800 UTC) if you want to check your setup.

The tech for Sunday movie nights now spreads across three monitors on two computers, not counting remote VMs.

I know it's overboard but this is definitely helping me stop stressing about the fact that I'm starting a new job tomorrow, ok? :awesome:

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This is from the place I worked in 1994. How the hell do I still have this?

Rescued this from the dumpster at my old job. Going to make some fully sick 68k Mac OS and Windows 98 apps with it one day. Even comes with Internet Explorer for free! What a deal!

Meech is still a feral cat. He's a massive sook, but he's got huge trust issues still.

Here you see both of us walking into the back yard at the same time. He's happy, does a little roll on his back - but I go to pat him and he just jumps. Sometimes he accepts belly rubs, though. He have not once scratched or bitten me.

Today he doesn't go far, and then accepts an invitation inside for some breakfast.

Right now he's fed and asleep on my bed curled up against one of my jackets.

Look I'll be the first to admit that I'm getting carried away with this toy TV station thing, but fucking go hard or go home, right?

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Guess something wasn't quite right on the board, a couple of visible bodge wires around the CPU. Wonder if this indicates a really early revision.

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Well, it powers up, but has keyboard issues. The two outer columns of keys don't register but all the inner ones do.

Time to crack it open!

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Sunday Movie night is back again this Sunday, 7pm Melbourne time (0900 UTC)!

Each week we revisit a movie that was current on a random Sunday from history, and this time we're going back to July 8, 1973. More program details soon!

It took an obscenely long time to carefully ease this off, but I have saved the precious sticker from my bass and can now take a shot at sanding it back and repainting it.

Meech is having a work from home day. Hasn't moved since 7am.

How tired must a cat be for you to look at him and think, "Damn you look really tired"?

Well I don't know what he did with his day, but that's how tired Meech was when he came in about lunchtime, ate about half the food I offered him, and fell over on my bed. Hasn't moved for four hours now.

It's Sunday Lockdown Movie night! This week we're going back to January 28, 1979 to see "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"!

Supporting features from the era kick off at 7pm Melbourne time (0900 UTC) and the feature movie one hour later. There may be some followup material for the die-hards (it will not be Die Hard).

Stream and chat at:

Handy links for people casting tabs to TVs etc:
Stream only -

Chat only -

Reminder that it's Sunday Movie Night at 0900 UTC. We'll be revisiting January 28, 1979 and I may have gotten a little carried away with the supporting feature material this week.

My thought a couple of weeks ago of "I should get new strings for my bass, they've been on there at least 35 years" has now moved on to "everything about this is fucked I should rebuild it".

I kind of want to repaint it but I don't want to lose that sticker.

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