We've had a bunch of spammy profiles created on Chinwag lately for what seem like small Melbourne-based companies. Well I did some digging and found the common factor in all of them - a shit "SEO" company called "Zib Digital".

I have regretted many impulse purchases over the years, but a tiny punnet of silverbeet seedlings back in Spring sometime is not one of them.

Pretty sure nobody could have ever successfully predicted the world we live in now.

It's beautiful. All these LEDs sweep and pulse and change colour. It's truly majestic.

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Building a modern PC and making sure all the essential parts such as LEDs on the memory are properly functional before doing trivial things like installing an operating system.

Cooked burgers tonight. Baked the buns and hand cut the chips. Couldn't have turned out better. :awesome:

Well, I can now watch my front door from my office and so far I've learned that I really need to clean the windows.

It all turned out pretty well, and has survived initial load testing.

I expect to replace the timber on top at some point, it's largely a science experiment to see how the weather affects the treatment I've done right now.

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Originally it had some support bars that screwed into the top and met the sides at about a 45 degree angle. I replaced those with a Tasmanian oak rod across the bottom.

I was worried that this might not provide enough support for the top, but it seems to be pretty solid. I have the bars painted and stored, I might revisit this later if it shows signs of sagging, but I'll need to shave a few centimetres off the dowel to make them fit properly.

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For the tabletop, I just used some super cheap pine, as I kind of expected that I'd fuck something up and didn't want to risk expensive wood.

Each piece got a good treatment of linseed oil, but I wanted some more colour so I ended up applying some hardwax oil as I had that in mind for doing a fish tank stand and wanted to see how it behaved anyway.

Turned out really nice and darkened up to a nice tone.

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Heading out back and getting stuck into that with a wire brush was a pretty good way to deal with frustration of being stuck inside and bored. I ended up getting some brush attachments for the drill to finish up the really fiddly inside bits though.

A few coats of matt black made it look much better than I expected. I agonised over matt vs gloss for longer than I really should have.

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So I've been slowly, over the last few months, finally making a dent in a restoration project that I've wanted to do for ages. This old, rusted wrought iron table. Here's some before pics - I didn't really do close-ups on the legs but I think you get the idea.

The tabletop itself, well I just started splitting up those bits of timber when I needed some extra garden stakes. They were pretty rotten.

Hey who's got two deteriorating eyes and brand new reading glasses? This guy.

The phrasing of this amused me greatly, unless they actually have replaced all their staff with robots, in which case I am very scared now.

Thought by many to be critically endangered, if not extinct, subtle signs reveal that the Cashed Up Bogan may be returning to Melbourne's public transport, perhaps in search of a mate.

Found a disk labelled "Games" in the CP/M boxes. The floppy drive started playing up again before I could start Zork though. I think I'm going to need to swap the mechanism over from the external drive.

Here is the fluffy belly in question. How am I meant to sit down and think about computers when this boy is around?

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