I've got a grapefruit tree going nuts right now, anyone got any cool suggestions beyond marmalade?

Not that long ago, Meech was a feral cat who hissed and ran off when he saw us, but crept into the house to steal food at night.

Now he naps on a couch and has learnt to purr. Turns out he's a really sweet boy.

Wow, I didn't even have to pay for this service. This is so much better than that primitive system where you actually had to listen to your messages yourself. Technology is great!

I guess their plan of charging $180 per year to everyone who has something to say about bibles didn't really work out.

Playing around with a few little bits and pieces that are lying about, and just generally procrastinating ...

Not sure this is the best name for a brand of lithium batteries.

I was going to say my flu vaccine was quick and painless but I'm a total baby about injections and thought this actually hurt more than my tattoo, but for a much shorter time. I got a free coffee though, so I'm definitely ahead for the day.

Google wants me to know about some popular shopping destinations nearby.

Did a little fooling around with my box. Roughed out screen location with a cardboard panel, and threw in some battery charging controller bits I had in a drawer. Charges on USB for now but I have a tiny 5v PSU on the way to go in there.

This is Meech. He was a local feral cat who used to sneak into our house and steal food from our other cats. We negotiated a settlement and now that he's learned what head scratches are, is not returning to his old ways.

Back in the office. This is the view from my desk. There's nothing there but it still manages to suck the life out of me.


Finally got my little screen and some time to play. My is alive ... albeit loosely mounted in the case.

Need to get the Dremel out and make some holes now!

I don't want to go to bed because when I wake up my month of living in comfortable places and doing work I don't hate is officially over.

The Regent cinema in Ballarat is pretty nice. Looking forward to reading the internet again in 3 hours.

Hello from Boronia Peak, in Halls Gap! I traditionally really only take selfies after climbing to the top of something fairly high. Here's one. This is a much more rewarding walk then The Pinnacle on the other side of the gap.

This is a very good date selection dropdown menu with no flaws at all.

Greeting my first post-MICF audience and welcoming them to the new venue.

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