One of our venues is starting to look like a venue! One left to go. Three more days until Festival starts.

Also I leaned today that although I own a great many extension cords, I do not apparently own enough.

Just realised today that Airbnb censors the word "Google" when it appears in review text.

New friends today! Two platys in the big tank with Mr Fish, and a tiny catfish in the tiny tank to help with cleanup of some tiny scraps.

I bought a choccy milk last night and it came with free socks. Some routers I bought last week came with a t-shirt. What can I buy that comes with pants so I can sell out completely?

Wow targeted advertising is getting full on! It's like they're watching me! How did they know this?

"Ultra-thin intellectual dormancy" is not a very common feature in iPad cases, and I'm glad someone is finally stepping up to deliver this to the people.

Man remember that time when they brought Star Trek back after it'd been off-air for ages and they changed all the uniforms with no respect for series canon and the Klingons looked totally different for no reason?

Fry, our baby , is living in our backup tank right now until she gets big enough to not get accidentally swallowed by another in the main . We've had an ongoing issue with that tank though, and the water pH keeps creeping up no matter what we do.

In a "well we've tried everything else" guess, I completely replaced all the gravel today, so Fry got to have a brief adventure in a bucket.

I chose black gravel because she seems like a bit of a goth kid to me.

I met this today. She was very friendly but quite disappointed that my thumbs were not food.

How good are cars? Everyone give cars a big round of applause! Yay cars!

Got myself a lil present last week. I really would love to know native food a lot better than I do.

Finally, a silicon sealant brand that really speaks to me personally.

It kinda bugs me how well this dumb marketing gimmick name works on me. Honestly if it was a plain white can that just said "BEER" that'd work too.

I've added a feeder platform to a tree stump in the front yard and my first customers have arrived!

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