For no reason, here's a picture of Meech, sleeping in the garden yesterday.

Here's Meech enjoying his house in its current location (gratuitous cat pic).

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... another day older and deeper in debt ...

Finished the first slab. The corner piece intact on the side there I have plans for. It's JUST a little bigger than the footprint of Meech's little house in the back yard, so I'm going to use some of the concrete to put a foundation slab down under some trees and use some other pieces to make some steps up to it.

I'm sure he'll appreciate my efforts!

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I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

Popped one street over to introduce myself to a back-fence neighbour as I'm about to remove this scraggly old tree and I think it's the only thing holding that bit of fence up.

They're cool with my work, and have no small children or pets I need to look out for, so in the next few days I'll cut it all down and see what happens.

Thanks to @matt for the suggestion of making spanakopeta to use up a heap of silverbeet! I quietly fudged things a bit because I didn't want to dick about making filo pastry and use up some frozen sheets I had instead, but I don't think I committed any food crimes there.

Current mood: Johnny Rotten sitting on the stage at the end of the last ever Sex Pistols gig, chanting "NO FUN" into the microphone over and over.

If anyone's holding on to some good silverbeet recipes, let's hear them.

Decided it was a good day for so I thought I'd see how my currents sourdough muffin base recipe would go with some chocolate.

Turns out, pretty well! Maybe could have bumped the sugar level up or the cocoa down a touch but I'm probably just overthinking it. The chocolate comes through just fine.

Meech recently learned that I don't use the couch during the day and has decided to lay claim to it between the hours of breakfast and dinner o'clock

I find it greatly reassuring to know that I'm not the first person to do this, and it's common enough that it's been documented. :awesome:

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My theory may be flawed. Also, guess who has to go into the office today, for the first time in weeks?

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Now that runs on a Pi Zero, that's a much more tidy setup and I've got a Pi3 freed up to do something else with.

I really need a friend who's into 3D printing ...

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