Hi folks! Some of you might be aware by now that a new Australian-run fedi instance is being put together.

This is a joint venture between @hugh and @s0 and myself! Our current instances are small and/or niche intentionally, so this is a more general space which we can open up to the public a little more confidently.

We're starting to drop invite codes so we can check our foundations before opening the doors fully.

Please follow @geton for those!

To current Chinwag users - I want to add just a quick note that nothing is changing here in a hurry, and that's kind of the point of this.

I'm unsure about integrating the latest Mastodon code into my branch, and it won't be done quickly. If you're cool with that, great! That's awesome!

If you want the latest features and a more "stock" Mastodon experience, I'd recommend signing up over at The Blower. Your old posts and account won't go anywhere, you can come back or use both even!


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