Refreshing my for new folks!

I run and provide free and open communication tools for everyone.

I have and a bunch of issues around and a dash of just for fun!

On the less serious side, I have been know to perform stand-up and do a fun quiz show with @ThePingMachine and my kid.

I'm an older guy and was a sysop back in the 90s. I was once described by a millennial as "like, 40 but not creepy at all."

If you want more, see my profile!

@mike @ThePingMachine I'm Harold and I was also was a #BBS sysop back in the 90's. I'm also a disabled person confined to a Electric wheelchair. My disability doesn't slow me down at all and love fishing working on my computer and servers and get out and involved with the community.

@AssInNine @ThePingMachine let me know the dates and I will come and see your quiz show for sure! :awesome:

@mike I wasnt aware your thing was a mastodon thing. Twitter exodus pinged my interest

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