Security theatre is well established at this block of flats.

@mike well if you're gonna cheat and use your brain!

@mike there's a house near me with 7 foot high fences all around, topped with barbed wire, except for the knee high hedge at the front gate 🤦


Oh no no, I'm sure it is deliberate. The person who installed it wants to obtain the identities of all individuals refusing to use the key (i.e. those who do not have authorized access). The best way to do that is to grab their fingerprints. getting the fingerprints on the *back* side, the perpetrator doesn't even know they're leaving them.


@mike a friend's house had the same mechanism.

It's good enough to keep random drunks and bike thieves out, but very useful for those who forget their keys often.

@cos admittedly this was securing the area where the bins were kept, so the stakes were not high.

It was pretty funny though, that they'd make sure to avoid this problem on the other side where the gate to the car park was - however you could circumvent that by simply going to the opposite street and walking up the driveway. Strangely, there was a hole big enough to drive a car through!

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