@mike ha ha. I had to do a double take on that. Being a stay at home Dad public holidays and school holidays just mean more parenting 🥹

@mike The more important VIC question is who are you barracking for this weekend? Incorrect answers only… 😇

@drh I'm not even actually sure who's playing so I can't give any answer without the risk of accidentally being correct.

I'm even leaving the state this weekend. 😁

@mike and places they had the foresight to book Friday off at the last minute!

@mike or for those of us in Qld that thought ahead and booked leave for Fri

@dadegroot I was ahead of the game and had tomorrow off locked in before her maj even popped her clogs

Conspiracy theory:

@mike knew the queen was going to die and when before everyone else and booked his leave early


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