Google: Hello, for reasons we won't explain you can no longer submit updates to your app to the Playstore until you make changes to it we won't specify. We will send you the same mail again if you appeal but have fun trying regardless.
Also Google, a few days later: We feel like we haven't wasted enough of your time yet, please answer these questions about your recent app suspension, did you think it was as funny as we did?

I just want to publish the app I develop for free in my freetime and I have absolutely zero energy to deal with this shit but because of Googles monopoly I have to.

Here is the rule they say Tusky violates. Yes Tusky shows "User generated content" but I don't have any control over it. There are also no terms of use, why would Tusky have terms of use, it makes no sense.

So I guess could invent some stupid terms of use and slap them onto the startpage, which would annoy all users but probably allow me to publish updates again.


@ConnyDuck Do it. Add a basic thing on first launch.

"Third-party servers you use may impose their own terms of service. Please familiarise yourself with these before registering or adding new accounts."

If you want more:

"Use of this program to view and generate content may be restricted by local laws, please ensure you are aware of and agree to these before continuing."

[Agree] [Exit]

Skip it in the fdroid builds, obvs.

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