Hmmmm, so this is the final week of my 40s. Is there anything I forgot to do? Oh, heaps of things? Whoops.

@mike Isn't forgetting heaps of things how you know you're 49?

@stibbons reminds me of a helpful tip I saw for people worried about loss of mental faculties as they aged.

Basically - if you forget where you put your keys a lot, that's fine and normal. If you're holding your keys and can't remember what they're for, talk to a doctor.

@mike have you tried panicking and shouting "I'm a teapot"?

@cos pretty sure I'll get to that point on the final day

@mike I’m taking notes for next year, when it happens to me.

@cos @mike yous young younguns, don't know what you're... um, where was I?

@ajft @mike I remember appreciating plenty of your advice when i was a younger ‘un, Mr A :)

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