Hey, a little pro tip today - do not send me your account password via Teams.

I know this is really in-depth and technical, and subtle techniques like this can be quite confusing for some users, but it's a good thing to keep in mind if you can.

After giving it some thought, I've broken this down into a step-by-step guide that might help.

1. Do not send me your password via Teams.

If your organisation uses a different messaging system, try this:

1. Do not send me your password.

@mike I make sure to always set my password to something defamatory so that our legal team has to manually go in and delete it from the logs

Humor, parody of all-too-many meetings 

@mike I'm confused, can I get some clarification?

I understand that I can't use Teams, nor email, and not Slack. But what about non-messaging systems, like holding up a piece of paper with my password written on it in thick, black, bold letters while on an unprotected Zoom call?

Humor, parody of all-too-many meetings 

@vertigo no, and just for the record - don't have your password tattooed on any part of your body either. No, not even there.

@mike So, what you are saying is

1. Do not
2. Send me your password via Teams


@mike I'm struggling with 1, so I just went ahead with 2...

@mike same with Google chat or hangouts or whatever they call it at this minute

oh yeah and probably a bad idea to keep credentials in a spreadsheet on Google docs

oh man it's a real trash fire out there when you think about it

@msh @mike

Security pro tip: If you are giving a presentation and plugging your laptop into a projector, live in front of an audience, and insist on having your password file, in large bold font, open while you do so, make sure you have a stagehand or other assistant, familiar with computer security, standing by with a baseball cap, or other such object, ready to throw in front of the projector lens at a moment's notice.


@mike now you just need to figure out what email and what service that password is for

@mike more than happy to take any unwanted passwords. You can DM them here. You can trust me...😇

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