Every hiking video on YouTube has these lovely shots with somebody strolling thoughtfully off into the distance and every time I see one I think about what a huge lie it is.

@mike i'm kind of anti-drone in the general case, but for the sake of people making all these videos where you have to set up the shot and then come back and get the damn thing, a camera that will catch up to you sure sounds like a good idea.

@brennen @mike Oh I agree so much. This train station channel is really good, but he does this a lot.

@brennen I don't want to hear drones when I'm hiking, but I do love watching videos of places to get ideas where I might want to go, so I'm a bit torn on the topic, haha.

It certainly feels a bit more honest than knowing someone's running back to grab cameras or the other possibility - that there's an extra unmentioned person on the walk. :awesome:

@mike I always get anxious some bastard is about to take the camera, even though I know they got the camera home do upload the video 😅


that way you try to stay out of frame on final approach is so real

also, me taking a picture of, like, posted store hours or an event poster, avoiding as best I can taking a reflected selfie

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