Home now. Executive summary of the day:
- walking time 7.5 hours
- did not climb any mountains
- did not see abandoned mines
- dd not make coffee
- did not have lunch
- did completely lose the trail I was following about 4 times
- did consider writing a will on more than one occasion
- did realise I was completely out of my depth multiple times
- every part of me hurts and is slightly damp now
- made it to the car just as it got dark

Best day ever. No regrets.

I think I'm allowed to order in for dinner tonight maybe.

Also I found a BMW that seems to be going spare if anyone wants one.

The note on it sounds optimistic but it looks like it's been there quite a while.

Yes, of course I wrote "WASH ME" in the dirt on the windows.


Car isn't abandoned, the missing numberplates was just an accident, we'll put them back on

@mike we had a *much* less exciting walk today, from the sounds of it, but… nothing ventured, nothing gained?

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