Which museum is that Mike?

There's a whole thread about Australian modems over on the ACMS forum:


(and a link within to their online catalogue of artefacts)

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@EdS @dadegroot @stibbons it's in the collection at the Upper Yarra Museum alongside a ton of older comms and radio gear. Not exhibited really well, it's just a room full of stuff, but it was neat to bump into it unexpectedly like that.


The bloke there assured us it was in working order still. 👍

Nice! (I do like a repurposed train station...) I like the intersection of radio and computing - radio rallies here will often have some microcomputing bits and pieces, or failing that some test and measurement kit.

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@dadegroot @mike

Same, it was those and Apple 2e's from memory but it was a LONG time ago

@mike Excuse my noobness, but was 1200/75 asynchronous?

@stibbons yes it sure was! Based on the (almost reasonable) assumption that people were unlikely to type faster than 75bps when using menu based systems etc.

I remember connecting to a BBS a couple of times with it swapped to 75/1200 when I was really bored. It was hilariously slow indeed.

@mike @stibbons It was used for viewdata services in the UK (eg Micronet/Prestel).


There's a bloke in Mooroolbark (of all places) that is remaking a lot of the Microbee gear and improvements for stuff like keyboard membranes. He used to work at Microbee during the 80s

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