When we're constantly losing pieces of our culture to DRM and proprietary services having their plugs pulled, it's nice to see something like this happening, even once.

@mike One of my favourite games. It is great to see that computer games are not only preserved but also taken care of.

Original press release:…

> The acquisition includes the game’s creative development materials, documentation and earlier versions to illustrate how ideas for the game formed. Backed by the collective expertise of ACMI, NFSA and the Powerhouse across exhibition, collection, design and innovation, the acquisition ensures that as technologies, curatorial practices, and preservation methods change, Untitled Goose Game will remain a key part of Australia’s creative history.

Very cool.


@clacke Reminds me, one of the biggest "what if" moments of my life is the time where I came in second to take on the systems admin role at the ACMI.

Apparently it came down to me and one other guy, and they went with him because he had slightly more direct experience in video production - but it was a close thing.

Would have been a massive change for me, I might even still be there.

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