Got the car! It was so comfortable to drive home. Fuel economy seems to be what it's supposed to be, so that's great.

Going for a proper drive tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. :awesome:

I found this in the CD player and I'm not sure what the fuck.

I drove to Geelong and back to get some real world data on fuel usage. Not bad. It was still averaging downwards when I got home.

@mike @declan nicely black, the optimum colour for australia's climate and road safety

(may contain traces of sarcasm)

@mike @shlee I read the numbers back-to-front and for a second thought you'd picked up a model from the distant future

@mike Back in 2013 on a trip to Mildura from West Gippsland and on the return journey, a Fairmont sedan recorded similar average fuel usage.
The boot was loaded as was the car to the window line with personal gear for three guys & assorted paraphernalia to do mobile phone & tablet training for groups of a dozen at a time.
The driver achieved this by setting the cruise control at a maximum of 90 kph although he reported later the last leg was the hardest on fuel averages. That was the comparatively short Trafalgar to Mirboo North section, mostly uphill.

@peemee yeah I'm wondering how it'll go when I hit some 110 zones and have a load of gear in it.

Very optimistic about cruising casually between cities though.

@mike I reckon you got a fine machine, a bus-driving friend has had Outlanders for his last three cars. His latest is a 2021 PHEV version. When the weather is more suitable he prefers to use his Can-Am Spider, though.

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