"Hi welcome to the ANZ Bank, please stay on the line for several layers of IVR menus and broken speech recognition systems so we can tell you there's nobody to take your call and hang up."

Why have I been with this bank for three decades again?

I walked into the branch that is 500m from my workplace and had the answer I needed in under a minute from a very friendly and helpful person so now I have all this undirected annoyance that needs an outlet.

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@mike I just moved to Bank Australia and hooboy it's nice to not be with my old bank anymore.

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@pelagikat I have to say there's a lot of inertia involved but they've generally been ok. This is like the first time I've needed a conversation with a human there for a long time and god they've gone to great lengths to prevent that, and haven't seemed to plan for anyone succeeding.

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@pelagikat @mike I had accounts with ANZ until I worked there once upon a time and saw how they run things.

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@daedalus @pelagikat the reason I have ANZ accounts is that my partner worked there in the 90s and there were sweet fee reductions on everything.

The fact that I'm still there is pure lack of energy to change anything.

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@mike @daedalus @pelagikat We moved from St George to Bank Australia about two and a half years ago, and it was surprisingly painless.

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@pelagikat @mike @virtualwolf I still have one account with ANZ with a zero balance that they send me a statement for regularly so I am actively costing them money which I quietly enjoy.

@mike Hahah. Yeah St George's customer service was actually very good, both in person and on the phone. Originally I just wanted Apple Pay support, which they were digging their heels in against supporting, but also I feel like it's good to get away from the Big Four (which I guess St George isn't strictly one of, but they're owned by Westpac so eh).

@mike I am still waiting to see someone at the branch I had to travel to so I can get you to yell at them for me if it’ll help you

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