I'm not a big fan of laptop stickers, but I'm apparently good with them if it's one big sticker. Anyway, my fancy rainbow wood-panel ThinkPad now has a new keyboard and trackpad, and a 1TB drive. I've reinstalled all my stuff now and got it back how I like it.

Now to get back to the point where I can rebuild all the Chinwag services on it and we can actually do some updates!

It took until 2022 but damn I'm pretty happy we're at the point where I can run on this laptop, close the lid whenever I want, know that it'll go into hibernation, and start back up when I open it again.

This is truly the year of Linux on the Desktop. Maybe. Well, next year for sure.

@shahaan it was semi-defensive to start with as we use ThinkPads at work and I was slightly concerned that if I ever took it into the office it could easily get lost in a pile of identical black slabs. Really happy with the look now though. 😁

@mike Ah, so it’s functional as well as aesthetic, nice. I don’t like stickers on devices but I have to admit this one is quite nice!

@Ricardus @robdaemon @mike so it is the year of Linux on the desktop it’s just that more laptops are sold than desktops nowadays.

@mike @leigh same I recently (2wk ago) put Linux on an old MacBook and Everything Just Worked.

@Unixbigot @leigh only thing missing on mine is the fingerprint reader and while I'd use it if it was there, I don't really care that much. It's all going pretty well aside from that.

@mike It will never be the year of the "Linux desktop", as Linux is only a kernel and doesn't operate on its own.
The year of the GNU/Linux desktop was in 1995 or so, as that was when you could use a completely free software operating system on a computer.

Hardware issues are really the fault of hardware manufacturers, who design hardware with insane behavior and also refuse to tell anyone how to use the hardware.
Decent computers and laptops just work with the many generic drivers that Linux has available.
Many thinkpad have been reverse engineered to determine exactly what the drivers need to do, so that's why thinkpads work decently.
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