I need to confess that I have an ulterior motive with this whole "Get in the Sea" site.

I'm finally learning to work with Hugo properly and trying to come up with a workflow I can live with.

When I'm past the point of worrying I've done something embarrassing I'll make the git repo public. :awesome:

I really need to set up some small and inoffensive analytics or something as I'm starting to see referrals in the logs from places I definitely have not shared this to.

@mike "As we have clearly demonstrated in the last decade, there is no detrimental effect to changing Prime Minister every year or two, so we suggest that Poseidon should be appeased annually." 😂

@mike for my edification, is it *necessary* for the politician(s) to come back out of the sea? Keeping them there seems like a win-win for everybody.

@dch @mike They do cause a noticable amount of pollution, so keeping them there has environmental consequences. Although, to be fair, the impact is probably much smaller than if they're let back out.

@algernon @dch I should add something about this to the FAQ, thanks.

There is no precedent for a PM coming out of the sea. While I believe they should not come out again, this is definitely a matter that should be left up to Poseidon.

@mike @algernon please add a section to the FAQ indicating that contributions to Poseidon from other countries are welcomed, but it may be necessary to contribute in greater quantities to ensure a successful outcome.

@mike Does the prime minister have to go willingly? Could people throw him into the sea?

@Ertain I think their willingness to go into the sea as Poseidon desires is an essential question that needs to be asked of all candidates for political office. It should be a requirement of the role.

@mike @aral This is sheer genius! Although I’m not Australian, as a resident of a sea-faring nation I think we should almost certainly try getting our prime minister to get into the sea!

Do you mind if I (or anyone else for that matter) do something alike with, say, France and some guillotine?

@mike Poseidon is also god of earthquakes, so being swallowed in the ground is an option too.

@mike Similarly, maybe we need to #AppeasePoseidon with a tabloid media mogul as well, having not done so since 5 November 1991.

@mike @s0 need to have the word ‘girt’ in there somewhere

@liamvhogan @s0

"The sea. It is majestic and massive, yet we pay it surprisingly little attention, despite how completely our home, by it, is girt."

*takes the rest of the day off*

@pelagikat @jimbob yeah that's the only "mainstream" place I'd been aware of anyone setting it loose but I've been seeing referrals in the logs for most of the other Bad Places now.

Wonder if this might actually go somewhere, or if it'll burn out in a day or two.

Got an email from a rando to the email address in the footer, so at least one person scrolled all the way down!

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