December this year marks 55 years since we have given a Prime Minister to the ocean. This is surely the reason for the difficulties of the last few years.

Whoever is elected next weekend should commit to immediately getting into the sea to save us.

Please support my campaign to send a prime minister into the sea this year. We have disrespected the gods for too long.

@mike why stop at one? Send ALL the prime ministers into the sea

@mike I like to think we're above this sort of thing in politics, I mean really? Drowning a PM? He has so much to answer for don't you think public execution via guillotine is more appropriate?

@Naeva hey, I never said anything about drowning anyone! I just want them to get in the sea. What happens after that is up to Poseidon.

@mike @Naeva I'm feeling a public vote of how far out to helicopter each one, then we'll just see who makes it back

@mike I feel the displeasure the gods will not be satisfied by just one. Let’s send them a selection.

@mike the Chinese tribute vessel is calling for its promised high official. The altar within the sacred geometry at Exmouth is prepared. Let us as a nation pray for prosperity!

@mike Ah yes... that is an old Australian tradition, isn't it? :)

@tsturm too old! We've neglected our responsibility for far too long.

@mike Can't we just send the current one to the sea? ya know, before the election?
Shouldn't delay after all.

@dadegroot I am completely neutral on this issue. I do not care which Prime Minister goes in the sea, only that A Prime Minister goes in the sea.

@peemee @dadegroot traditionally it's been a serving PM who was offered up. I don't think we should risk Poseidon's wrath by changing things now.

@mike @peemee What if we throw in some past ones as added tribute? Little Johnny & Abbott come to mind.

@dadegroot @peemee I think there's a huge risk of getting distracted by scope creep here.

We must send a Prime Minister into the sea immediately, or sooner. Once that is done, we can discuss Poseidon's other needs.

@dadegroot An excellent selection to start with. Incidentally, “Little Johnny is an inch taller the Bob Hawke was…” @mike

@peemee @mike True, but I think I picked that terminology up from the old Rubbery Figures sketch that used to be on the ABC.

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