Hey folks, need a favour. In order to test some stuff I need a YouTube channel with at least 25 subs.

If you have an account there and don't mind, would a few of you subscribe to please?

I promise not to pivot to a bitcoin sales platform.

@mike done x2. My work google account won't mind I'm sure :)

@mike I was going to, but I see you've hit 27 so I guess you're done? ✨

(I'd rather not use Google more than I have to; if you still want more though send me a toot!)

@badrihippo oh wow we're there! Awesome, no it's all good please don't do anything you're not comfortable with in any case, even to help me.

25 was the very specific magic number I needed to hit, I believe. I don't expect to get there that quickly!

@mike it's fine, not that big a deal also if you'd really needed it 🙂

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