Being someone who refuses to engage with any Facebook products on ethical grounds is like trying to live as a vegetarian when all your friends refuse to meet anywhere other than one specific steakhouse.


Yeah. that's why Zeynep Tufeki argues that Facebook needs to be regulated. Because too much of normal people society is organized through facebook tools to ask people to fully abstain.

Though the more people who abstain the easier it gets. (Much like vegetarianism has gotten easier over time here in California)

@alienghic @mike I don’t want it regulated. I want it dismantled and destroyed.

@daedalus @mike I did delete my account and convinced a couple others to also delete their account

But it's also true Facebook group pages is the main forum space for parents at specific public schools to talk so I did cut myself out of some information by doing it

At the very least there's a bunch of buyouts that Facebook did that should have been blocked on antitrust grounds

@mike I kinda have to maintain presence for my current job, but one day I won’t have to do that anymore and I’m going to enjoy deleting my account (again, I’ve done it twice before).

@mike I'm in the same boat, but in the end I had to re-create my FB account because it's the only platform my son's basketball club uses to communicate and I didn't want him to miss out. It's really frustrating and disappointing.

My quiet protest is that my FB profile photo, banner photo and timeline are full of #deletefacebook information.

@mike I have faced that same situation! So frustrating.

So I came here, partly to make friends who don’t use that awful site.

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