Get the fuck off my planet, you deranged fuckwits. Paying $1000 to have a few Zoom calls "in style"?

Also why the fuck is this bullshit scam-masquerading-as-investment asshattery in the "science" section of the news?

@mike I don't understand people anymore. So did she spend $1000 just to have a virtual background in Zoom, which is a completely free feature?

@virtualwolf @declan in curious if it comes with any kind of SLA. What happens if the server vanishes?

Highly unlikely of course! If there's anything tech startups are famous for it's their long term stability, right?

@mike @virtualwolf @declan I’d say that server with her penthouse will last no more than 90 days.

@tsturm @mike @virtualwolf @declan These people know you can host a Minecraft server for yourself for almost free right.


@cinebox @tsturm @virtualwolf @declan I'm sure I recall in the early days of lockdown reading about a company doing exactly that, holding their meetings in Minecraft.

@cinebox @mike @virtualwolf @declan Those people will spend $$$ for useless virtual real estate. And it’s of course their own greed that will doom them. Like in that newspaper: “…a moneymaker…” 🤦‍♂️

@mike I am confused as well. I don’t understand this obsession with the metaverse.

@mike going to laugh so hard when the company running their "decentralized" metaverse shuts down in 6 months and they're left with nothing

@mike I wonder how all these 'investments' in things like PlanetCalypso (10+ year old article and #SecondLife turned out...

@mike "In other news, millionaire gifts retired teacher 1010$, for the low low price of agreeing to buying their virtual penthouse for 1000$ and writing about it"

@mike I don't get it. Is this based on a common platform so different sections of this "metaverse" can interact? Like is it an extendable platform? Or are they just buying a game world hosted by a company and hoping that this particular virtual space will be the platform of choice making the manufactured scarcity profitable? Am I missing something here? Cause I get the feeling that this is some next level bullshit.

@Funkpirata I have no fucking idea and I'm never even going to bother filling my head with this bullshit.

Can't wait for the first AWS outage that leaves these people "homeless" and crying for someone to fix something that's unfixable.

@mike so basically we are now calling MMORPGs "metaverses" now. K I understand. People are idiots. Moving on

@mike on one hand, this is going to collapse in about three years a la second life

on the other hand, online property is absolutely a thing in spaces where things actually happen, FFXIV has massive issues with property

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