Why is the visa decision for bad tennis man still pending? How long does it take to get opinion poll results for marginal seats these days anyway?

@mike The pollsters are all out driving around looking for RATs.

@futzle I would have thought they'd just get Scotty's missus to grab a few extra for them when she's down the shops.

@mike the world is watching, Australia - and we're finding you wanting.

Give the boot to that a-hole. 😈

@normandc Ah but you see it's a very complex issue because this man is Good at a Sport.

@mike Fuck all professional sports, seriously. 😡

@mike decision will be made after just enough delay for bad man to play/win and leave of his own accord, then a nothing announcement will be made late on a Friday afternoon that "we woulda kicked him out, but he's gawn"

@mike oh well, I got the "late on a Friday afternoon" part

@mike what do we even call jokes like this? Post-Satirical?

Whitlam help us :P

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