which text editor keystroke set do you Just Know?

@kitsune @rgegriff I wonder how many folks use pico or nano on the regular.


@drwho @kitsune @rgegriff I love it, nano is definitely my editor of choice.

I know vi well enough but I only use it these days if that's the only thing installed on the system.

@mike @drwho @kitsune @rgegriff That's been my reason for using vi for years - so I don't have to install anything else on a system in order to use it ...

But the main reason there is because I approach systems as a sysadmin - they're not mine, I shouldn't make changes to them if I don't need to.

Before that, I was an emacs-as-shell for as much as possible, because I had only one environment to worry about and could obsess about how it was set up & get the benefit.

@yojimbo @drwho @kitsune @rgegriff That was certainly a concern I had for a while, but I've left the pro sysadmin world so all the systems are mine now. It's been so freeing. 😁

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