I just said I'd "reach out" to someone later so I guess I'm lost to the corporate life now. All hope is gone. If anyone needs me I'll be over here having strong opinions about brand awareness and market penetration.


I used "webinar" in an email today. I tried to channel all the disdain of Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest saying "what a savings" into the word while typing it, but I don't think the tone really came through.

Maybe I need to find a more sarcastic font.

@Funkpirata I couldn't find any mention of using Comic Sans in the corporate brand guidelines, for some reason. There's a whole section called "Tone of Voice" too, and it doesn't mention sarcasm at all! I should escalate this issue.

@mike if it's not specifically mentioned then it's definitely allowed. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission I say. "In my defence everyone, it was funny"

@mike ah man, Alan Rickman was so good at saying things with disdain...

@FiXato this line's delivery is just a masterpiece. Oscar-worthy doesn't even begin to describe it.

@mike Someone once tried to get reversed italics accepted as the sarcasm font…

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