Please, please, please, please stop dark-theming your project documentation web sites.


@mike support prefers-color-scheme :) everybody happy 😊

@mike Why? I find that pretty convenient when switching between docs and my green-on-black shell.

@schmittlauch dark themes have huge accessibility isues for people with some eyesight problems, like me. Especially older people. It might sound shocking, but some people actually need light to be able to see. I know, right?

@mike Okay, makes sense, thanks.
Fortunately the glories of modern web development offer the possibility of detecting preference of light or dark modes by the visiting browser. So let's make people use that option when providing dark designs, so everyone can get what they need automatically.

@schmittlauch it would be nice if people did this, yes. Far too often it's ignored or if there is any theme switching it's buried in submenus you need to create an account to access.

@AbbieNormal see this earlier reply.

You may not like white backgrounds but for many of us, dark ones can be literally painful.


I see

Thanks !

Like that person in that other thread, I'd love to have a choice 🥺

@AbbieNormal @mike The web default is dark text on bright background. If people who prefer dark mode can choose that and the default is left alone, everybody wins.
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