Really annoyed I can no longer abbreviate Wireless Access Point in business communications without checking with HR first.

@grumpysmiffy @dadegroot it's a little joke, folks and maybe just do a quick search on that acronym for fun. 😁

heh, never heard of that song.
Was a bit surprised to read on Wikipedia that the day before its digital streaming release, it actually still got released on cassette tape
@grumpysmiffy @dadegroot

@mike @grumpysmiffy @dadegroot You mean Wireless application protocol? The thing we used around 2000?

@loke @mike @dadegroot Was my first thought. I looked it up, as Mike suggested. Never heard of song or artist. But then, apart from Beyoncé's Lamonade I am utterly ignorant of any mainstream US music where the artists are younger than me.

Tyring to think of US bands that I listen to, and can name, I've only got Talking Heads and Sunn o)))

@mike @grumpysmiffy @loke @dadegroot if this is demonstrative of the times, then the times are shit. Jus' sayin'

@mike I want to use this as a lesson to people who insist on turning everything into an acronym: you can’t control what will use the same acronym in the future.

I particularly want words with past me, who named all our wireless access points wap-* in DNS.

psychic damage within 

@stibbons @mike how familiar are you with smutty online fanfiction because you joke but

psychic damage within 

@s0 @mike Nearly said no familiar enough. But on reflection, actually, I'm fine not knowing.
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