In today's episode of HR Training Adventures, I'm learning about bribing government officials. The official stance appears to be "please do not do this" but I guess I'll stick with it and see if there's a surprise twist ending.

@mike "Please don't" sounds like there is some wiggle room where, if it's what it'll take to get the job done, they'd rather you do it and ask for forgiveness afterwards. Either that or I should probably be taking this course because I am an ethical liability

@mike I had this very lesson at my previous job! It’s amazing how often we software developers came into contact with government officials—much more than I imagined!—so it was timely advice.

@futzle @mike I worked for local govt for a time and had the corollary training which was very much “please do not accept bribes. Yes that ‘gift’ is a bribe. Do you know what a conflict of interest is”

@s0 @futzle @mike Ooo, I've had that one too. Can remember some light hearted discussion between boss & self on whether we should declare the t-shirt & clicky pen we got from a potential supplier while evaluating new hardware

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