Doing some required ethics training course today and the whole thing is framed as some kind of Game of Thrones styled assault on our company fort that we must defend by answering questions related to standards of conduct and the correct answer is so obvious every time I can't see how this is any better than a short video series with a Netflix-esqe "are you still watching?" prompt after each one.

Ethics Training:
A person is asking you to do BAD THING. Our company policy says we must always to GOOD THING. Which thing will you do?

I hope all you rebels choosing BAD THING realise that the outcome will only be a short lecture on why GOOD THING is important, and next time the poll only has one option.

@mike Ahahahah. I've done similar training, and I really do wonder about the sort of people who could possibly struggle with those sorts of things.

@virtualwolf @mike I once worked for an international, and every year we had to receive training & answer questions around "thou shalt not trade with known criminals or embargo'd countries, even if they offer money".

The only people known to be in the company who ever did that were all arrested by the FBI in the late 1980s ... not sure why the rest of us had to suffer.

@mike I'm sorry I don't see anything here about which of the things is more fun.
@mike The short lecture would be a GOOD THING to experience though 👍🏻☺️

@mike Is the person doing the asking my superior, and do I want to keep my job? Also, which is more fun?

@mike @virtualwolf I had one that actually tripped me up. It was about paying off local authorities to do something/get something. Apparently, in some locations where that’s just standard operating procedure, it’s ok! (With company approval.)


No doubt it's for insurance purposes. No one said it has to be hard. It's already obvious, to many but not all.

@mike It is for this reason I pride myself on speed running all online training. I wonder if I can gain a twitch following by streaming my swiftest training runs?

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