One day I will learn. Never ask two questions in one email.

@mike Or in any online discussion with someone already demonstrating bad-faith responses / tactics.

Go with your single best question.

I like simply linking back to my initial / earlier ask, something I do with ... some regularity on HN.

(Not hugely often --- the site is actually better-behaved than its reputation belies. But not unknown.)

@dredmorbius @mike I have techniques to encourage people to reply to multiple questions in emails. There's nothing that will help if someone is acting in bad faith, but most of the people I deal with just don't notice that there's more than one question.

But even so, yes, people get overwhelmed, and it can be better to have a series of emails that require only short answer. Do the work, because others won't.

@ColinTheMathmo @dredmorbius @mike thank you for reminding me to send one request per email. I need to do a few of those this weekend.

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