Most people: able to differentiate movies from TV shows from news bulletins from music videos

Also most people: every audio recording is just called a podcast now

Yes OK I have OPINIONS about this.

@mike You should talk about that in your podcast. 😆

@mike my favorite podcasts are ones on YouTube that you can’t automatically download. And they’re video

@mike just install the listnr app to listen to the podcast

@mike it was doomed from the start, when we branded "mp3s in a rss feed" after the iPod.

@yhancik @mike And now that a new generation doesn't even know what an iPod is

we get people using the noun “pod” to refer to the 'cast. “On this week's pod, we talk with …”

The only audio that isn't a "podcast" are the radio plays!😂

@mike when you think about it, FDR's Fireside Chats were really a podcast

news, movies, shows, podcasts, they're all just apps 👹

@mike Not just audio recordings, but people are calling YouTube videos "podcasts"!!!
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