21st century reboot of Mr Squiggle; the sketches come on USB drives now so he's there going "turn it upside down Miss Jane" because it doesn't seem to fit properly in the slot, while the computer grumbles "hurry up" at everyone.

The target audience for this post is very small.

@mike At the end of the episode he doesn't go to the moon, just suborbital for about three minutes.

@mike if you were directly above the USB port, how could you insert the thumb drive?

@mike I’ve never admitted this before: the blackboard in that show terrified me.

@futzle Blackboard makes sense, he was creepy. Deliberately so, for sure.

Reminds me though, every morning when I was small there was a TV show that scrolled the names of a bunch of kids having birthdays that day up the screen. I would run and hide behind the couch until it was over, terrified. I don't think I've ever talked about that one before.

@mike @futzle Romper Room, that was fucking frightening yes

@liamvhogan @mike @futzle I went -on- Romper Room and was traumatised =P I played the violin and everyone danced around pretending to play a violin, that even me as a small child knew felt more like mocking than sharing =P

@mike @futzle the baker falling downstairs with an armful of desserts on Sesame Street used to send me screaming out of the room:

@mike @futzle

I can't see the problem, Miss Helena looks perfectly normal here.

CW: For Mikes and others who don't like magic mirrors.

@mike @futzle

> there was a TV show that scrolled the names of a bunch of kids having birthdays that day up the screen.

easily as creepy as that woman reading out the names of children at the end of "Romper Room" while pretending she could see them at home.

@mike Turns out the audience for this post wasn’t so small after all.

@mike for me, it was the Mulligrubs Face.

Scared the shit out of me, and I discover looking up the dates of production, that I was well into my late teens

@mike Very much pegging yourself as GenX with that post based entirely on Mr Squiggles companion. (me too btw).

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